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Dis in my way!
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Well guys and gals its been almost a week that the board has been down and we have been working to get it restored. Let's start out by answering the question of what happenned? Actually we are not really sure of why but I do know that the simple answer for the long delay of getting the board back up and lost information is solely my fault because of bad system administration. My last backup was in August of this year. If I had been diligent then I woulld have done a better job at making sure that the site was backing up the way it was suppossed to. Thanks for your patience during this endeavor.

Let's just get to the chase and find out what the damage is whadya say? Well we lost about 18,000 post and roughly 4 months of interactions. I have been thinking about how I could see a good side to this and in my mind I am glad that some of the post are gone to tell you the truth. I am glad that Kerbies first post, the racial garbage, the post about LO-Busa and the hatred post have all disappeared. Unfortunately so have some great stories and pics.

I will do a better job of the backups in the future, basically I just forgot to change the CD in the burner and the disk filled and stopped making updates. I assure you that this will not happen again.

To all of you that emailed me and I never sent a reply, I apologize but responding to hundrends of emails was just not possible. To those of you that are frequent fliers on the site and sent ICQ to me, thanks for the support and offers for help. I have a new SQL admin here that really jumped in and helped me get this all straightened out, thanks Dustin..... The board looks like garbage right now but give us a few days and wait and see....

To those of you that emailed me and complained about the site being down, "you know who you are" bite me!!!

The only thing that I can really say is that you all make up the site, I hope that everyone post their information back and stories and pics are posted again. Narcissus you need to put your bikepics back up, and Lori you can just email your Hawaii pics directly to me (hahahahhaha).

To those that are new members I am sorry that you have to reregister but please do it and help the site grow. To those of you that lost a lot of post and you are back to members, well all I can say is sorry.

I hope you all understand that this is a hobby, and I am in the middle of about 10 differnet major life changes right now, so please understand that the site being down bothered me every day.

Glad were back, now start posting......
Ahoy Captain! It is good to be back! I wish you and yours a very merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.
   I know you busted your tail getting this all back together Captain.  Thanks!  Yessss!
Whew! just took a look around...it's a little different. Lost a lot of posts. Looks like we'll have to get busy and build it back up again. Pic time!

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Boy I missed this place!... glad to see it back on line..  Thanks for all  the hard work Cap..  All I had left to do was watch tv when not working...
Hey, Cap - it's not the greatest thing to have happened, but we'll get over it. I don't think that you have anything to apologize for. You have given a great deal to the sportbike community, without asking much in return.

Also, which major sportbike BBS hasn't been down several times this year? SH started over from scratch, what...twice?

Thanks for the BBS!!

Good job Capt. I miss reading more than posting so the post numbers mean nothing to me. We'll get the numbers back up.

Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooo !!

Im back to being a first post person !

oooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WOOO HOOOO I love this place glad to see you got it back up cap Thank you for all of your hard work . I was not one of the complainers but I did send an email to see if there was something wrong with my system settings . Thanks again if there is anything I can do to help let me know . Maybe send you a blank cd LOL just kidding hehe thanks cap
Not complaining or anything. I was just sitting here and wondering why I lost so many posts? I know that I couldn't have been that boring. Before we went down, I had 545 posts and we come back and I only had 9. ####, I posted some great stuff a few times
Oh well, I guess I'll have to start post whoring all over again. Hard to believe that I was so close to "Busa Titan" status and then....WHAM!! with one lick...back to "Busa Peasant" again.

Gotta Luv It...

What's up y'all...man I've been checking everyday...finally back...good work Captain. Just have to start posting again. I hope that my numbers are still like they were...find out in a sec.
Same here. But no complaints. Captain, thanks for getting the board back. As a systems administrator, I knew that it had to be a serious problem so I didn't even bother emailing you. When the board was back, it would be back.

Now I need to jump on the post-whoring train and get to work!
hehehehehe..........no sweat buddy!!!! BTW....I say we start a poll here. How long will it take Kerb to get back to 1000 posts!?!?!?!??! I give him a week....maybe two!

YES!!! Im still in the system!!! Cap, Im glad to see the board is back and running. I know it will take a while to be back where we were but it will get there in time!!!!

I cant just get over the fact that we lost a 12 page post with like 400 replies. Oh well. Just have to start over agian. TIme to start workin on getting things back to normal agian!!!

Just glad to see it all back up again!!