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Pros: Beautiful 2012! Aftermarket fairings are killer. Love the Hayabusa logo in green ! Goes good with entire scheme.
Overall, just AWESOME, especially living where you can use the “Bird” to its fully potential. You got it bro!!
Uncle Jimmy
Uncle Jimmy
Thanks a lot. It's finally nice out, but the Bird still needs to be serviced for the new riding season. Once that is done, we'll be on the road.
Pros: “Murdered Out” look. Super clean for a ‘99. Sweet Gen 1 brother!!
As always, ride safe:)
Pros: Polished, personal touches and powerful.
Neat and clean. Personal touches are precise and functional. Well done.
Pros: Clean Look very subtle
Cons: Only one picture
These Gen2 white Birds are looking better & better to me lately. Nice simple changes; the sum of the parts don't equal the stunning end result achieved! Great eye all around.
MattyIce 79
MattyIce 79
Thank you :)