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Pros: All
Cons: nothing
Fantastic build. You can gain approxx 2 kg, if you change the wheels to GSX-R1000 wheels, more, if you change to forged alu or carbon wheels
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Berlin Germany
yeah !

the less weight the later you have to engage the brakes. ;) :banana:

did you (for racetrack) already
put off
the generator / rotor ~ 2.5 kg
balancer wheel/shaft ~ 1.0 kg
changed from acid battery to lifepo4 ~ 1.5 kg
reduced the crankshaft´s weight ~ 2.5-3.0 kg
Lots of good ideas Berlin, and I see there is a lot more to come for in the engine, but mine is a work in progress and I first wanted to see how far I could come with the chassis.
I did however change the original 4200 grams battery to a 740 grams Aliant battery.
Pros: Reliable
Keep rubbing rubber
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Pros: Lots of hard work was obviously put into this bike...well done.
Cons: Not a one.
Good looking bike with great mods.
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love that pipe! great looking ride
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones
Very very tastely done daily