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Pros: Tasteful setup, lovely fairing set and clean looking exhaust system.
Cons: Is too far to see in person
Awesome job on your 1999 busa! The fairings look amazing and everything comes together nicely! The colo scheme even gives the busa a “light and nimble” look.
Pros: Nice exhaust and color combo
Love the clean and classy look! It’s almost like you can wear a tuxedo and ride this thing to a wedding and still look cool:D
Pros: Strictly business look !!!
Has a lean and mean look.

Love the " ... just the fact Ma'am ..." vibe.

Exhaust note must vibrate the soul !
Pros: Unique and super clean !
Smoked out look is great.

The fairings draw my eyes in to see the details.

Uncle Jimmy
Uncle Jimmy
Thank you.
How about a story and more pics . . . please. :confused:
Pros: Black and white colors ~ go together like a police cruiser . . .
Cons: every cop in town ~ looks over at your Hayabusa *
Pros: Fantastic colors !
Super looking !! Really stands out of the crowd.

Pros: It's lightweight and looks good !!

Kills two birds with one stone.
That's serious craftsmanship !!

I can't imagine the amount of time and effort put into design, molding, production and installation.

Awesome job !!

Pros: Beautiful Gen1, Looks amazing
Cons: Lol, you’re kidding me
Love your Gen1 bro! I always appreciate an older Busa!
Pros: It's a Busa
Love a good looking Busa.
Pros: It's a Busa
Gotta love a Busa !
Pros: Craftsmanship
Hurrah for helping hands !!
Pros: Eye candy 4 days
Cons: Too much 4 even Toad to list
All hail KING TOAD at the head of his class for part selection & attention to detail.
Pros: Clean build
Cons: Can't ride it
Bit of a sleeper if one rolled up along side you. Understated classy looks but says Stay out of my face before I get crazy.