April fools

Hey guys and gals....if ya can't see the HUMOR in it GET A LIFE
Good one Cap, I never saw that one coming
I was on the verge of a serious depression
Gotta give SuzukiHayabusa.Org some credit for creating a "Refugee" board for us; pretty cool of fellow Busa owners (and it seems like THEY'RE down now ... what's up with that? Should WE create something for them?). Also big props to GSX1003R, too; fantastic that they came right up to give us a spot .... I gotta say, though, this place feels like home!
Very Well Done!

You should post bits of all our e-mails....

...see who's gonna come through with the money and let us see who cracked...    
OK Cap, we don't get mad, but we do get even!!! You had me going!
I was so upset, was reading that messages over and over again...I even email VAbusa to find out is it for real or need mo monie? she didn't email me yet but "DONT DO THAT AGAIN." and its not funny...ok? you got me alright $heeed...
Had me completely fooled.

My first impression was !!!NO F****** WAY MAN!!!

I pulled over to chat with a busa rider I saw parked at a local Mcdonalds yesterday and ended the conversation asking if he was a member of hayabusa.org

I told him about the great amount of info and also about the raffles.

He said no and that he was going to definitely check it out when he got home.

Hope he didn't try to check it out during this monumental prank.
He'd probably be saying what an ass right about now!

I don't drink or smoke ( guess I'm not normal ) so hayabusa.org is my fix even though I don't post to often.
I was sleeping, hah!!

You didn't fool me!!!

Who says sleeping in until 11am doesn't have benefits!!

You got me at about 10pm PST last night - that was a good one because i bought it!

On the same note - to make sure that it doesn't have to happen - and I gave it alot of thought - making it possible to be a monthly donating member from a CC or a checking account would be nice.

The joke made me realize the value that I place on having this board as a resource even though I am not on it contributing all the time.

thanks...but,the site is fine for now. (please dont make me repeat this again)

The site is fine. If it runs into trouble again, I garantee you I'll inform you about it just like I did last time.

No worries people. RSD.
I thought I was gonna have to send my wife to counseling!

It was terrible, but a good one!
That was good, talk about relief knowing it isn't true but talk about being pissed and lost when reading that page. What to do with all that spare time now that the ORG is gone. Classic joke...