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I am in the process of creating members photo pages, I need pics of you and your bikes. There will be two links on the main page to the members pages. One link will be for all of the Hayabusa owners and the other for all other bikes. When you email the pics to I need you to put your name (Screen name is Fine) and where you are from. I will place this information on the pic before I post it. This site will only be as good as the people that visit here. For those that keep telling me that they want more content help me start this off by sending your pics in.
One last thing, when you email your bet photos please put in the subject line "members photos" that will enable me to filter the emails to a specific folder.

This site was originally the first Hayabusa site around. A Busa owner named Chase owned the site and had a huge following on his board. He had to go through some medical procedures and along with the polictical rhetoric that comes along as extra baggage with the site helped him to decide to sell the site. I bought the domain name about a year ago and have been working to get the site back to where it needs to be. This board has only been up for a few weeks, I did not feel the need since Motorhead has done an awesome job with suzukihayabusa and the crew over at Labusas. I had so many request to put a board here that I went ahead and did so. I am working to make this an informative place, there is no way that I can compete with Motorhead, he is the man when it comes to the mechanics, but I have my skills too and they are in the web business. Maybe I can privide a place for people to promote products, show their stuff to the world, and learn about other bike enthusiast. Its already pretty cool to see people from Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, and the UK posting here. As far as the members pics go, as soon as I get them I will start putting them up.
well your off to a good start. love these chat rooms, you can find all sorts of great information- has helped me put my bike together- all the information you could want is there. met a lot of fellow riders on, love that site- have not spent much time on the motorhead site- just kinda fell into the family of labusas and suzukihayabusa. they kind of take you in and your just a part of the whole thing, been there about a year or so.
like i said you have a great start. looks like your willing to work with everyone.
Did you buy his bike as well? I bought my 99 last year when his blue/silver was for sale along with the domain name.
Narcissus I had my 2000 when he put the domain up, I bought the name and the site that he had up. I still have the old message board, I am really tempted to put the archived board up with read only access...... There is a lot of information there just not sure if it would be worth the trouble.....

Please explain step by step how to put your own picture as an icon.
It's driving me crazy, trying to work it out!!
If you mean your avatar here you go.
cache or any one listening,
I'm kind of new to the internet thing and I want to post a pic under my name. how do you go about that!!!
There is actually two ways to do it.
1) click on "Your Control Panel" located at the top of the page under the Owners Group icon
2) click "Personal Info"
3) click "Avatar Options"
4) at the bottom of the page where it says "Upload your own Avatar" click "Browes". It will allow you to pick a picture from your hard drive.
5) Once uploaded go to "Pre-installed avatars" It will be at the bottom of the list. Click on your picture and click "Add this avatar to my profile" You are all set

Method 2
If you want to use a picture that you have already uploaded or are going to upload you can use this method
1) once the picture is uploaded to the site open your "upload center"
2) click on the picture that you want to use and copy the url from the address bar.
3) follow steps 1-3 from above.
4) now where it says " Your image avatars" paste the url in that address bar and click "Add my own image as my avatar" You are all set.
Just remember that if you use this method if you delete the picture from your Upload Center it is deleted from any post that is was used in.