hayabusa.org pioneers

Frank Adams

How many of the original members are still around?

I think this site started up around march or april of 99? I lurked this site for a short time and then registered in june of 99. A guy named chase owned the site back then, and for whatever reason turned the switch off and let the site go down. And then of coarse Captain eventually took over and turned the site into what it is today.

How long have you been a hayabusa.org member?
Started lurking around May, right before I bough my 'busa. Then once I started feeling comfortable, I registered in June.
June of 02 owned a Cow prior to that lurked awhile then joined. Best move I made!!!
bought the fun bus in early Jan of `02 and joined in the middel of Jan. after lookin around for a place that would talk Busa talk and know what thay were talkin about. My Budy has a TL and he had TL1000.com to go to and I was lookin to find a hayabusa site and this is what I found and liked it so I stayed around and havent left yet and dont plan to.
I'm just like Busaben. Started lurkin' the board in May of '02 and joined soon as I bought the Busa in June. I've been around the other sites, but this is good, clean, informative, fun, and the people are GREAT.

I joined in Jan 2002. I bought my 2000 Busa in Nov 99 and I remember finding the original site sometime around then. It wasn't up and running when I stumbled on to it. I eventually came back and saw that sign stating COMING SOON. So I kept on checking and on day there it was. I think I joined that same day. And that is one decision I will never regret.
Thanks for the site Captain
Seems like late summer/ early Fall of 01 I joined but lost my reg some how or didnt know what I was doing, so rejoined in Jan 02
I had my busa for about a year before I discovered this site. Been lurking for a couple of months before becoming a member. Like Stunnah, best move I've made so far.

I was "stalking" the site around December of '01 and joined in March after I got my ride. Now, it is like heroin...

Joined back in march 2002, after buying my first computer, lurked for about four months before registering. Site is awsome !!



It's definetly a fact. Hayabusa.org is the root of several sites today. A few to mention would be:

.....plus others.

I joined in May after I met a group of 6 busas at Newcomb's on Angeles Crest. A guy told me about the site, and said they hook up here for ride dates. Ghostriders I believe, but I haven't seen or heard from them.