Hayabusa.org Photo Contest


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The purpose of the contest is:
1. Pure entertainment.
2. Keep the board interesting and lively.
3. Encourage photo submissions that will keep the photo gallery fresh.

We all love our Busas and love riding them. Hopefully this contest will encourage us to stop and record some classic shots of the mighty Busa and Hayabusa.org members. It is your choice if you want to focus on the mods and bling-bling of your bike, the great scenery behind your bike, yourself, or stunts.  It will be up to the membership to select each quarterly winner.

Throughout the given quarter, Members will be able to submit photos to contest@hayabusa.org, one submission per member.  A cutoff date will be established for submissions.  During the first week of the subsequent quarter, all submissions will be displayed and a poll created. The winning photo will be displayed on the homepage as BUSA OF THE QUARTER. If a submission of a Non-Busa should achieve the most votes, it would also be displayed as QUARTERLY HONORABLE MENTION.

1. Participants must be registered members of Hayabusa.org.
2. The submitting member must be involved in the photo, either as the subject or as the photographer (honor system applies).
3. The subject of the photo can be an individual or group but must be motorcycle related.
4. Standard Hayabusa.org rules regarding nudity apply.
5. Each member is allowed ONE submission per quarter.
6. Photos of Non-Hayabusas will be allowed; however, should they receive the most votes, they will receive the title Honorable Mention, and also be displayed on the Homepage.
7. Submissions must be made by noon of the last day of the Quarter.
8. Photos must be taken within 90 days of submission. (Honor system applies)

1. Send all submissions (one per member) to contest@hayabusa.org
2. Make sure to identify the board name of the member
3. Please give short name or description of Photo
This will be a <span style='color:red'>LOCKED</span> topic. If you have questions or comments, direct them to or reach myself or Thinker62.
Good luck, have fun, now lets get it on!
now unpinned and unlocked due to unforseen circumstances. When we can get around to trying this again, we will try. Until then, please enjoy your regularly scheduled programming.
I sent in a pic, before. Do I need to resend it?
What unforseen thing happened? Or is it for the masses to know?

I sent in a pic, before. Do I need to resend it?
What unforseen thing happened? Or is it for the masses to know?

what happened is the designated administrator of the contest, and another admin got busy, so...... the photos exist, but have yet to be posted for voting.
Primarily because they have been busy and have to get together and create a new format/script for the program.

My suggestion is keep hold your horses, if you have not submitted a photo go ahead, and we can do an "INAUGURAL PHOTO CONTEST" instead of the mentioned quarterly contest.

Therefore, still on, but just not yet!