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OK guys (and gals) I keep getting email and reading post on the board where everyone is telling us that this is a great site and they like the way that it looks. Maximum71 and I are probably the worst critics to our work and believe it or not the hardest part of making, changing, and maintaining the website is content. We always try and keep the site fresh and to make it different so that everyone sees something new. If every member of the site sent in one pic then we would have over 600 pictures to post for viewers. If you do not have a digital camera then just drop a pic in the mail and I will scan it and put it up for ya. If you guys have pics then post them here in this thread and I will grab em and put them on the site too. If you see pics on the Internet (bike related) that you think would be good then post them here, you can use the upload center. If you need more storage space in the upload center just email me and I wili increase it. There is a ton of ways that you can get this stuff to me. Help me make this place better... To those that have already sent in PICS I thank you, keep doing it. If you find videos that you think I should host then FTP them to me. I have set up an FTP account which is upload only. If you dont know how to FTP ask Narcissus, maximum71, or myself and we will respond and help quickly. Guys its basically like this. I like this site, I have a blast on my bike and I want to have a great site but I am really tired of looking for content at 2 in the morning.


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