April fools


Dis in my way!
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It is with a sad heart that I must announce that Hayabusa.oRg is shutting down. We have been able to make it six years but the ever rising cost of hardware and hosting has taken its toll. Our hosting service has increased our fees once again because of the high traffic that we use on this site and we can't continue to pay the fees even with the assistance of the members.

You guys have been good to me and my family and I hate for things to end this way but I can't let the site interfere with my personal finances. There has to be a limit and we have crossed it. I appreciate everything that you all have done.

We do have hosting paid until just after the 15th so the 5k raffle will continue as planned. Do not hesitate to email me if you have questions. Captain@hayabusa.org

For the sponsors that have prepaid I will be contacting you so that we can get any monies you have paid back to you. You will hear something from me this weekend.

The main site will be up and I will be posting updates on the raffle on the URL of Hayabusa.org. The 5k raffle as I stated will be conducted on the 15th of April and I will have all of the ticket holders listed on the main page. The message board will be offline from now on.

Doug King
aka Captain
Owner Hayabusa.org

APRIL FOOLS -- This site isn't going anywhere

Now let the flogging of the captain for a bad joke begin.....

12 hours offline and 400 emails

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MAN.. you had me scared..

then i noticed suzukihayabusa.org was also done..

i registed on line to labusa.org . told them watch out for hacksers..!!!


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That was almost as good as the site saying they are putting a dome on Wrigley Field.

Funny thing is SH.org is now down.
I take full responsibility for RSD's bad joke he pulled, I wish that I could have caught it sooner.


I am done checking back....nobody will be empowered to fug up a saturday morning like that for me ever again.

and that WASN'T...."a good one"


Had me going all morning! First I thought NOWAY... Then it was WAY... Then a repeat all day! YOUR NOT RIGHT!
oh you mean it wasn't real? Seemed real enough, and worse yet, completely possible
been upset all day:( did not think about april 1. dugh butt if the cost are getting high i would pay a monthly membership to keep this board:cool: