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There were some request from members at suzukihayabusa.org for some videos that are pretty large and they needed someone to host them.. A member at SH.org hosted the videos and gave FTP access but he got swamped by request and his bandwidth was sucked up. I have placed some large videos on my FTP server and I have set the access up just like the Hayabusa manual. There can only be 3 concurrent connections, and the max download speed is 75k. If you have videos and you need a place to put them then email me at captain@hayabusa.org and I will set you up an FTP access account that access will expire at a prescribed time. If there are things that you have that you think would be interesting to others then let me know and we will see what we can work out. Here is the information to get access to the FTP site.

Videos include:
Fastbikes Mach 3
Hayabusa vs ZX12
Porsche 911 runs from police in Holland
Famous Paris run on motorcycle
many more

username: hayabusa
password: hayabusa
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