Ftp access going away in 24hours


Dis in my way!
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OK guys if you want the manual or any of the vids better grab em soon, I am taking the FTP access down. There is no reason to keep a security risk open if it's not absolutely necessary. There has been about 11 gig downloaded so far and there have been about 250 connections. The traffic has slowed down now so ifyou need em grab em.. If there is a need to open the accounts back up we can always do that too.

Time to grab a few more videos...

Captain, just wanted to say thanks for posting the videos and manual. I can see why your system has been running slow based on the size of some of those files. Whenever I need a speed fix, I will just open one of the videos.
The bandwidth goes away fast. When I had the just scanned manual on my site (80 megs total, not the 174 of the PDF), 6 gigs got eaten in less than two days after I posted the URL!

Quite a hard dose of reality of just how many lurkers are out there.
I can tell how many are lurking by the firewall and the reporting, there are a bunch.... Lets just say there are over 20k unique visitors every month, some are the same person with a dynamic IP but there are a lot of people that just LURK around.....
well I can honsetly say Im not a lurker. I post and talk and enjoy the site. No lurkin hear.

Tried to download some vids but couldn't connect so I'm downloading some this afternoon if I've got a few hours left.