Hooken is down


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Continued prayers for a speedy recovery, Sorry about your off Hooken, I'm looking forward to seeing you at the next bash my Friend.


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update: Hooken actually went back to the hospital the day he got home.... had some major fluid retention that put him at very high risk of kidney failure or heart attack.

His injuries were as follows:
7 broken ribs
4 fractured vertebrae
bruised kidney
and a lung issue(fluid building up around one of his lungs)

He has been there a couple days and will probably be released today.

Busa Jules

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WOW!!! Praying for you big guy!!!

If I'd just been there with some Hooch and Lemondrop you wouldnt have been making that moonshine run :banghead:


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Well I finally made it home. All the years that I have been going to the Bash I am always amazed at the love and camaraderie that this group has for one another. This tends to turn me to emotinal mush because no where else that I go do I see it. All I can say is thank very much for all your prayers and well wishes. I could feel the prayers and I knew you were all pulling for me.
At this point I dont feel to bad and its becuase of my gear. Its not even the best but it served me well. Make sure the people you know wear it also. Nag at them if they don't because they will thank you someday. That bottle oxycotin helps too.
I ended up with 5 broken ribs of those 2 of them had 2 fractures so I have 2 flailers.They pop and crunch and thump everytime you move A brusied kidney and what they told me about the lung was that part of it was crushed this forces all the air out that area and it wont come back because the little air sacks in your lungs are sticky so they stay colapsed. Also when you take a punch like that to ribs it is very likely going to knock the wind out of you.Then you wil aspirate saliva back into your lung this brings back with it bacteria from your mouth and can cause pneumonia.Thats what happened to me.So thats when the ventilator tubes went in. Then as that cleared the tube came out and I started to get better. But all this time there was another problem brewing. When they sedated me for the tube my blood pressure started to drop so they add IV fluids so I have a blood pressure problem anyway and when they took me off the ventilator and that sedation now my blood pressure comes back big time and now the are fighting that but missed the very obvious problem I was sweld up like a water balloon I was feeling better by this point and started to talk to them about going home. They agreed that I could go home Monday. 15 hour drive my wife doesn't like driving in the dark so there was a stop half way. They set me up with all the drugs I needed to treat myself just as they were doing.I had to stop every hour to walk aroud the car to prevent blood clots. By the time I got to Waterloo I had to struggle just to get out of the car. Went to my home doctor he checks me out and says I want you to go directly to the ER because you are so close having heart failure or kidney failure it scares the hell out of me. Thats what you always want to hear from your doctor. So back in I go in 2 days I lost 21lbs of water. Home now and feel alot better.
So what happened me and fstbusa were going to make a loop around 143 to 28 to 129 to robbinsville. So were riding on 28 like he says rolling at good clip and just got to one of those corners that sneeks up on you down there.All the advise that I have heard about this clicked through my head and I just laid on the right hand bar but to much low sided into guard rail. It truly was a panic move that caused it.
In the end I will heel up so will the bike probably better than it was. Its always good to have a group of people like you guys pulling for me. Thanks and I love ya
Wow. That's one heck of a story. But at least you are here to tell it. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Heal quick and get the bike back on the road. Don't let this scare you from riding.

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