Went down yesterday


I was on my way to work yesterday, I was coming up to this blind corner when an SUV came around the curve in the middle of the road. I didn't have much choice other than to put it down or be a hood ornament. The bad thing was I high sided it, but I was going so slow (30mph) that I just went down and slid.

My left side took most of the impact, and I was pretty lucky. I have about 15 stitches in my left knee and I'm really sore, but that is all. The bike isn't too bad either. I think it will be good as new with a few hundred dollars in parts.

If I can give one word of advice to everybody, it is to wear your full gear all of the time on the bike. I didn't have my riding pants on, and if I did, I would only be a little bruised up. I was wearing boots, my jacket, gloves and helmet. The gear worked great, I just wish I was wearing my pants so I wouldn't be hobbling around today.

Hope everyone is safe out there and looks out for the cages.
I'm sorry about the accident. Overall it sounds like you are OK and your bike is going to be OK, so that's good.

Some drivers out there are a true menace. Too careless and blind to be driving in my opinion. At least paistes5 isn't hurt too badly.
Yeah man i hope you get back on the road soon, did the guiy in the suv stop, say he was sorry, any thing. Did the cops give tickets ? should we organize a search party and fink the jerk that did this? Always be safe on the roads, more often then not it is the other guy that makes us go boom.
Sorry it happend..glad you are atleast semi OK.
Careful Gang..
Glad you are not serious hurt, but hate it had to happen at all. Thanks for the great advice, I could not agree more. Those leather pants on a busa will cook ya though on these hot summer days when you get in traffic. Hope you heal up soon and get the bike fixed without too much trouble. Would like to hook back up and ride with ya sometime.
Sorry to hear about your accident, but glad to hear you and your bike were not hurt to bad.

Be careful out there people I have been hearing about a lot of people going down this summer...
sorry to hear about you and the dumazz driving the SUV in the middle of the road .... hope insurance will take care of the parts pain and suffering .....but there is always a baseball bat as second choice
Sorry to hear about the laydown, did the guy stop.............take responsibility............or just drive off.
Glad you're ok. Hope the dumba$$ at least stopped and made sure you were ok. Somehow I doubt it though...
Glad you all right. Is there anything you need? (for the bike)
I have a few stock parts laying around I can probably part with.
Let us know.
That sucks, atleast you came out of it semi-allright though. Could of been a lot worse.
Good to hear you came away with minor injuries......you're very lucky it wasn't worse....hope you heal quickly.......and get your machine fixed cheaply.......actually,.......hope the SUV pays for it........and his carelessness..........