I miss Omar.....


Dis in my way!
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I have not seen that guy online in umm well lets see, just about the time he got married...

Come out come out....
omar who?.... sorry nobody else responded...and figured michelle had something of his hidden so he cant use them anymore...you know...just saying.....PW!!! lol
Didn't Omar get married recently :dunno:

stay single, be happy :thumbsup:

sorry VaBs :p: wait, maybe that applies to you too :lol:
Well, we didn't really get married... :whistle:

GIXERHP called to talk football and told me about the thread..I told Omar, but he's busy... :rolleyes:

Hey, I tried...maybe he'll figure out how to log in again one of these days...

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:hide: Who, moi?!

Hey, Doug!

Sorry I haven't been around much... So much going on in the last year - fixing up and selling two houses, moving, now buying a new one. Christmas is just around the corner - I can't believe it's already December! And after the 1st of the year, I'll be starting on building out the 2nd story.

Hoping that 2014 will allow us to get out and see you guys; we have our room booked for Eureka and are also planning to go to the Bash in April.

How are you guys doing? Kristie? The boys?
Yeah yeah I know it gets hectic, just bustin your chops.... Hope the work thing is good for ya, I know marriage has to be...

All is well here in my home..