Harley riders are ok sometimes


Was riding my favorite mountain road early sunday morning,came up on some harley riders in the twisties and gently picked my way through them and then disappeared into the sunrise. When I got to my favorite stopping spot had some breakfast when the harley riders pulled in. They were a very nice group were extremely excited looking at my Busa thought is was very cool and were a little amazed by the warp speeds I was running through the twisties. They thought I was a little crazy running those speeds but were very pumped up to see a bike going that fast in the mountains. Its nice to see that even the cruiser guys can appreciate a high performance motorcycle every once and a while..........................................Knebnr


Good to hear they didn't piss on your bike. No really, most Harley riders know nothing about the Hayabusa. Tell them the HP it cranks out and they look at you in disbelief. Next time I go to the Harley watering hole, I'll take some pic's and post them.


There are usually 2 reasons that harley riders dont like those who ride sport bike; 1. They see most riders of crotch rockets as squids 2. I am not sure why but a lot of them just dont like them because they are made by japanese maufacturs. I ride a harley (until i get the busa), and I dont express any of these traits of the typical harley rider. My uncle does tho, every day he says "I can't believe you want to get rid of a harley for that thing(the busa)." Oh well, he still said he wants to ride the busa to test its "worthyness." Should I let him?

BTW, this is the bike i have now

1200 Sportster Custom


I think i will do that. There is something else i want to mention about my uncle, well something he keep saying: "My harley is still faster, I have went aginst the big ninjas , they beat me off the line, but i get ahead in the end." We all know this isnt possible, he needs to get over his bike. BTW, he has a 2001 Road Glide Screaming Eagle. It is a touring bike with all the "screaming eagle" engine upgrades, supposidy geared for racing, yeah right. Are there any busa riders in Indiana who want to help me put his harley in its place, in a dust cloud.


LOL Hank.. i ride both and have respect for both type riders. when i'm with the Harley Folks, they talk trash about "crotch rockets". (i agree it's the squid thing) some have admitted it's a great looking bike, but all they want to do is cruise and look cool.

the BUSA folks i ride with love my Harley (98 Fatboy). Most of them want to get one just for cruisin now and again. but they do talk trash about most Harley riders because they give us NO love! won't pull to the side if we try to pass, or don't acknowledge when ridin' etc... i love riding and wave at both types of bikes, but i must admit, Harley riders ignore more than the crotch rocket folks

oh well, to each his own. i am happy to be able to enjoy both!


It was just refreshing to me to see that some Harley people can enjoy all aspects of motorcycling not just puttin........

Big O

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I was following my friend onto the fwy and he wheelied his ZX11 into fourth gear and lost it and went down hard.  It was 3am and no street lights so he disappeared.  Before his bike came to a stop a couple of hundred yards down road,  there was a Hell's Angel out of Ventura CA stopped and calling on his cell phone for help.  Since then I wave to all the Harley riders, especially the Angels.  They don't know me, they never wave back and probably think "hmph, squid", but that's ok, I have my reasons.


My brother and I ride Busa's and my father is a Harley rider. One day on a back road, my brother offered a switch in bikes for the rest of the ride. I can tell you that my dad LOVED the Busa and is considering getting a sports bike in addition to his Harley. He couldn't believe the speedometer read 100 mph at that smooth of a ride. He said he kicked it up to 115 b/c he had never been over 100 mph (Been riding off and on since 14). It totally changed his thoughts on the Busa.

As for the "American" Harley...poor fools don't realize that those Harley's have foreign parts all over them...

Jealousy is the word. We are faster, smoother, cheaper, better gas milage, and can still get chromed out (but look awesome even when stock!)...

"and that's about all I got to say about that..."

curtis T

Living around Milwaukee I deal with many Harley riders including several friends that own them, and for the most part I remain neutral, but I can honestly say I just don't enjoy a HD like a sport bike, after about 10 min. riding the HD Im board and I want my Busa back to seek out fun.
Just my thoughts.......


My harley is my first bike. I would rather just sit on a busa than ride the harley. They do get boring quite quickly. I have had my harley for a little over a year now. one day back in february my friend let me ride his ninja 500R. That day after the ride, i was on the internet till 2 a.m. researching sport bikes. It was so much more fun to ride. If that day never came, i wouldnt be known by everyone at my local suzuki dealer.


WEll I love my BUSA, but i'm gonna add a Harley tothe stable next year. (I'm selling my horse---anyone interestested in a registered Arabian Stallion). I figure what the heck the road king looks like a good two-upper.. And the Mrs. gotta be happy if I'm gonna get her to do any long distance or weekend bike trips.....But hey can't get anything till the Busa's finished being Chromed.


The Road Glide is better. They have full stearos with cd changers(optional) They are also more aerodynamic. My only gripe about them (well my uncles, he has a screaming eagle) they start to fell as if they are leaving the road to take flight at about 110mph.


Heres my .02 I come from a family of harley riders. REAL Harley riders. There is a distinct difference between the guys who love their harleys just cuz they are harleys and love riding them and the guys who write out a check because its the yuppy thing to do. The guys who are riding them cuz they love them will ALWAYS wave back at me on the road and the pompous asses who have more money than skill will thumb their noses at me.......I dont have time for them anyhow. I had more fun riding with my brothers harley club riding my "squid bike" than I begin to tell ya!


My question is, do some of the Harley riders know how slow their bikes really are? I had this dude on a Harley go by me at 80 on the freeway. He's weaving in and out of traffic. You can see him twisting the throttle all the way to the stop and the thing is making noise like its ready to blow up, problem is he was hardly accelerating! He was a real bad ass with his T-shirt and baldhead flapping in the breeze and he must have thought he was wasting me? I’m so impressed, what an attitude, guess he was just styling?


The answer is, NO. To most harley riders, that i konw, they believe that harley's are the faster, most powerful, and just plain greatest motorcycle in the world.


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You know guys I had two occurances with Harleys this week both were great. The first was early in the morning and I was scootin down the highway at about 75 - 80, I saw the HOG coming from behind, catchin up pretty quick, he pulled up next to me with his dew rag, sunglasses, leather vest and chaps. The rider was about 40 and you could tell he had the "Attitude". He stayed with me for a minute or two, then his beast roared loudly, (he barely moved) I could tell he was on it as hard as his bike would go. I dropped a gear and pulled next to him, laughed and then I nailed my Busa. The front end pulled a little I kept into into it through 4th and 5th gears and then sat up, looked in the mirror and saw him waaaaay back there. I slowed and let him catch up again, this time he pulled along side and was staring with his glasses on top of his head. He smiled and tried it again, same thing happenned. The last we "rolled on" he pulled along side and yelled at me "That thing is friggin fast" He gave me the thumbs up, smiled and we started cutting traffic. About 10 miles down the road I took and exit and he waved off, was a great moment. The force was strong with that one I heard him say as I turned.


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Annnnnnnnd yesterday I was at a stoplight and a Harley rider and his wife was just puttin around in the city, he pulled next to me at a stop light and asked me if the solo cap came off for two riders and I said yes, he said that he had read and article on the Busa and he wanted to know if it was really was as powerful and as fast as he had heard, I told mim to start at the light. Green light "potaoe potatoe potatoe" thats a Harley noise ya know.. He took off, I pulled next to him, laughed and then nailed it front end came up, Power wheelie, I sat it down, hit second, front pulled again, sat it down, same verse as first story, 3rd, 4th, 5th, I waited at the next light, he pulled up and was in awe, his wife was laughing hysterically. That guy was super cool too his only words to me were I guess it is, then he said be safe and off I went. Most guys are all the same, power, attitude, and toys. Most of the Harley guys are just like the car drivers, they have not been properly introduced to max power and speed, therefore they dont understand. I figure if I demonstrate 2 a week I can clear OKC in about 20 years.....





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