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Voting for Arkansas again. To be fair, I have never been to Colorado on a bike or in a cage, but I can tell you I can't imagine any better riding than we have here. If it is in Colorado, I will try to be there.
Colorado in August!!!! Suggest the "Million Dollar Highway". Durango up to Ouray on 550, around to Telluride on 62 and 145, then down to Dolores on 145, and then back over to Durango on 184 and 160. Typically done in two days with an overnight in Telluride. rock.gif
Yeah I would be hesitant about Memorial Day weekend, its not warm enough up in them there hills. I took a trip to Moab from Denver on that weekend and we ran into a snow storm on top of Vail pass. I would suggest August and maybe tie the meet and greet in with Cyclefest up in Copper Mountain which is less than 1.5 hours from Denver. Stay up there for the night and then head down through Durango or something the next day or two.
I voted for Arkansas but will likely try to show up for a CO one as well. All depends on work and vacation time. Either way I'm going to trailer out so if others in my area are looking to share the cost of driving out, let me know. Trailer has room for 2 and have room in the bed of the truck for gear/stuff. cool.gif
I used to live in Denver, and snow is very possible thru the middle of June at the higher elevations. Snow is an issue with any trip there until July or august.. Arkansas will work better if the trip is early in the summer. Keep this in mind.
Ok guys(gals), I am lobbying for Arkansas and not because I live 45 minutes (by Lear Jet) and 30 minutes (by Busa) from Eureka Springs. Although I am sure the Colorado has some beautiful rides available. Our first "annual" (means we are going to do it again) "Busa Meet-N-Greet" needs to be centrally located. The Colorado location ostracizes our friends on the east coast. Someone couldn't get the time off and afford to make a trip 3/4 of the way across the country might be able to make it 1/2. Additionally, the more successful the first one is, the easier it will be to promote the subsequent ones. In this case, success is directly proportional to number of Busas we have there. So I am encouraging all to vote for Arkansas based on these facts alone. I will still try to make it to Colorado if it ends up there, but we will have much better attendance if it is centrally located. Thanks for reading

Run the milage from the west coast and tell me that Arkansas is central. rock.gif I am going to go reguardless of the location!! biggrin.gif FYI, it's 1070 miles one way to Eureka Springs for me.

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Voted for Arkansas for the reason I posted in the other forum. The last time I rode through some of the higher elevations in Colorado, I almost froze to my Tobin. I would consider going to Colorado but with warmer riding gear than last time. Either way I will trailer my bike to the meet.


P.S. Please bear with me, I can't type. I have to dictate to my daughter.
Run the milage from the west coast and tell me that Arkansas is central. rock.gif  I am going to go reguardless of the location!!  biggrin.gif  FYI, it's 1070 miles one way to Eureka Springs for me.
Ok, I did and here are the results. Not trying to be a smarta$$, BusainSD. But no one had done anything like this so I thought it might be useful.

Charleston, SC to Eureka Springs = 1071
Miami, FL to Eureka Springs = 1468
Norfolk, VA to Eureka Springs = 1231
New York, NY to Eureka Springs = 1269

East Coast to Eureka Springs average distance = 1260

San Diego, CA to Eureka Springs = 1611
Los Angeles, CA to Eureka Springs = 1627
San Francisco, CA to Eureka Springs = 1887
Seattle, WA to Eureka Springs = 2205

West Coast to Eureka Springs average distance = 1832

Charleston, SC to Denver = 1701
Miami, FL to Denver = 2099
Norfolk, VA to Denver = 1758
New York, NY to Denver = 1820

East Coast to Denver average distance = 1844

San Diego, CA to Denver = 1082
Los Angeles, CA to Denver = 1015
San Francisco, CA to Denver = 1277
Seattle, WA to Denver = 1370

West Coast to Denver average distance = 1186

By the way if anyone is confused, those distances are in miles. J/K, I picked some large cities on each coast and ran the distances from there. Just some info.
East Coast to Eureka Springs average distance = 1260
West Coast to Eureka Springs average distance = 1832

East Coast to Denver average distance = 1844
West Coast to Denver average distance = 1186
Good info!! Just goes to show that either location is a compromise for the riders coming from the coasts. Doesn't matter to me which locatoin wins. I am just looking forward to meeting everyone and doing some riding. cool.gif
WOW, spent some time doing that (Mileage comparison).... Been away from the boards for about three/four days now. Looks like things are starting to progress! Keep the votes coming...
I suggest doing the M&amp;G in conjunction with Suzuki Cyclefest in Copper Mountain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! August, another thing is sometimes even in June and July the tops of the mountains have snow on them. I think August would be better.

I will be racing the Pikes Peak Hill Climb in the end of June on the 4-wheeler and would be ready to go back in August for sure on the Busa.
Before I vote, I'll wait and see what dates you guys choose. If it's within my allotted time frame, then I'll be there. If not, then oh well... We should make an attempt to set some dates to see who can really go. I'm actually leaning towards Colorado, but Arkansas is still fine with me too. Arkansas is actually closer, but I've been there and would just like to visit some place new. Doesn't really matter to me which one we choose, I would just hate to be the deciding vote and I'm not able to attend.
Less than thirty minutes left..... Ninja Eater will be closing the polls for me as some personal business has come up that I must attend to. Thanks Mike!
Ks.... Sonny
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