Meet-N-Greet III, 2007

I think I am going to try and talk the wife in to going on this trip I have been wanting to see the Black Hills for a long time now. Hope That I can convince her into going.
Looks like KS-waterbug, Impact-KS, and myself will not make it to the Black Hills after all. Too many job issues.
On the plus side, there is now a cabin and a couple of motel rooms available at the Custer State Park Game Lodge. Here is the number if you still need a place to stay. 1-888-875-0001

P.S. Just for the record, this cancellation is not my fault.
That is correct unfortunately the work situation isn't going to allow me to make this event! Wishing I could do this....
Well this sucks sorry to hear guys just not gona be the same without ya there damn Sonny now who am i gona pick on?

Wishing I could swing this... Wanted to visit with my old Busa riding buddies again! Heck, your getting married and you were going to pick on me!

Just kidding my brother, congrats again! Especially since I won't get to make it out...
Well gotta have some fun right i mean after all thats gona be my technical last weekend of freedom correct oh well guess we will celebrate without you man hopefully we don't have many others pull out

Can we get a head count of who still plans on comeing?
I'll also be there with wife & kidz...

Anyone like bluegrass music?  The kidz play banjo and fiddle like nobody's business - once in a while they let me play guitar with them, too...  
I know there should be some more folks.... Post up if your going to try and attend. This is very punishing as I type from South Carolina. Not enough saddle time this summer for sure.
Will we be riding the Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway or is that too much traffic?

South of Hill City 87 to Alt 16
Moving this back to the top.

Any new members going to add to the list of attendees for the 2007 Meet n greet in the Black Hills of South Dakota
Just a little more than a month away.

Is there anything we need to plan for this.

Work has kept me a bit busy this week so I'm behind on my posting
. We need to plan a group ride and a BBQ for Saturday.
Hopefully some of the locals will route out a good ride for Saturday, if not we can map out our own and head out.

The email to Palmer Gulch does not work, I will call them to ask if they have any onsite BBQ grills...surely they do.

How about just some good ol burgers? We can start a list of extras for people to bring, if we want.

I will get the Buns and Patties. Just need to know how many people will be attending.
Called Palmers Gulch.....they do not have on site BBQ grills. They allow BBQ'ing just do not have any grills. We will have to devise a plan when we get there and see what is what?

Kinda far to carry a grill.