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Well its that time of year to start thinking about our National Midway USA Meet-N-Greet! This will be the third time for this anual event. Last year had a great turn-out in Eureak Springs, Arkansas. Like to thank everyone who came to this event and to our sponsers for their donations... Over the next few months will be taking polls from you the members to help decide all the important info, like where to hold the event, when, ect...
Today were going to try and pin down a place to hold MNG-III.

Let the games begin... This open forum for suggestions will end on Friday April 7, 2007 at 2 PM Central time. the top three nominated sites/places will be determined by those planning on attending the event and posting their suggestion. Please only nominate or select a site/place if you plan on attending the event this year! After all the ones making the drive should have first deebs...

1. <s>Open query to determine location</s>
2.<s> Vote on top three locations</s>
3. <s>Winner selected</s>
4. <s>Open query to determine dates for selected location</s>
5. <s>Vote on top three dates</s>
6. <s>Winner selected</s>
7. Open query to determine where to stay town/location.
8. Start attendance list and organize event
9. finalize plans
10. Post finalized event

The Places/Sites suggested so far, locals might need your help..
1. ??

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See post 11.  

Somewhere safe and pleasant.
As anyone could guess, I am going to say Lead/Deadwood since that is where I am at. Here is a link to a campground that I would suggest for the meet. I know the owners and they will work with us for pricing and they will let us have a monster bonfire and have grills available for a group cookout. Did I mention we will also have access to the keg fridge?

Fish & Fry Campground

Anyone who would like a hotel can start with the Golden Hills Resort in Lead. Their website seems to be down at the moment. There are lots of hotels in Deadwood also if anyone wants to gamble!
These are my suggestions keystone, Hills City, lead or deadwood.

Just cause Hot Springs is pretty much all the way south of where we would probly ride. Keystone/Hill City is kinda centered in the area we will be riding and has them normal on off again tourist crap which could lead to traffic since it is near MT rushmore.  Granted not far from there is a few Good RV sites for guys to hook up at for thous that will trailer.

Otherwise custer is nice kinda at our southern bigger then Keystone with more ammenities.

Otherwise Lead Deadwood is in our North wester riding range and offers alot along with some gambling.

I guess in the end peeps i depends on what we all want and how we wana accomidate peeps i can start looking into camping and everything else for people that wana do that.

There is also a couple places not to close to any towns that have nice little cabins and RV hooks in which we could try to all be there then i think we can all be in one location and the parting or what ever dosen't have to go to far or any driving like we have had to do in the past.
Hey Rob which campgrounds out there have the cabins too i stayed at one that was out twords hills city a few years back but can't rember the name mabey you can help me out
Is there something else going on in those areas (Lead/Deadwood)? I checked one hotel and there was no vacancy for July 20 - 23??

We probably need to get a location quick to make reservations for us Hotelers.

I will have the wife and 2 screaming kids so we need a hotel for some R&R. Plus she would need a place to keep the kids safley entertained while I am riding.
Wel into that time of the year you run into some people hitting the hills before the rally even harley guys but as for an event i have No clue Hillsrider would be better one to fill us in there.

If you check out someof the cameping places that have cabing they have pools and even horse rides and such might be good for the wifey and kids while the rest are out riding the bikes
Cabins would be cool.

Especially if we could get an area with several cabins and campground for others so we could all be in one area.
The campground I put the link up for has everything from small cabins to a 4 bedroom, 2 story house. Lots of options.

Another place that would be nice is Custer. I have stayed at this campground before & they also have cabins available and a water slide.

Beaver Lake Campground

The only thing I know of going on around Deadwood is the Days of 76 rodeo, but that is July 24th - 29th. Probably some people showing up early for it.

Lead seems to have alot of filled hotels that weekend.

My vote is for Hill City.
Gotta watch it though.....some of those cabins do not have indoor plumbing

My kids would love a Tipi for about 3 hours than tear it down with their wildness after that. We need walls.
Good call... anyone else called the local establishments? Need to find a place that'll hold the folks who want four walls...
I just called the Golden Hills Resort in Lead and they have around 20 rooms available for July 20-22. A room with 2 queen beds is $79 and a room with one king bed is $89. The phone number is 605-584-1800. I will check a few other places today & see what the results are.

Called the Best Western Hickok House in Deadwood & they have rooms open too. They range from $100-$120.

Some of the hotels in Deadwood are going to near full just because it is tourist season and our weekend is right before the start of the Days of 76.
(ks-waterbug @ Mar. 28 2007,05:48) Good call... anyone else called the local establishments? Need to find a place that'll hold the folks who want four walls...
and indoor plumbing.
I have never been to that area so I have no clue. Sounds to me like we better jump on the Golden Hills resort if they have 20 rooms available.
i can sleep anywhere (picnic table, GSXcite's trailer floor, motel bed, tent, etc.) and have bathed in everything from jacuzzi tubs to mudholes so it doesn't make me any difference...just tell me where to show up, i'm ready to ride

Any word on any other locations? or should we move forward with Golden Hills?

Shouldn't be too hard to find hotels around Hills City or Custer. Keep the ideas for locations coming! I will make some calls to the Southern Hills & get some rate & room info.