Meet-N-Greet III, 2007

(BlueHaya @ Jun. 12 2007,17:25) Called Palmers Gulch.....they do not have on site BBQ grills.  They allow BBQ'ing just do not have any grills.  We will have to devise a plan when we get there and see what is what?

Kinda far to carry a grill.
Not for MidnightBusainSD or HillsRider (hint hint)
I do believe I can load up a grill (and anything else we might need) in the pickup & have the wife drive it down.
Sounds good Rob.

Anyone know about how many people will be there? Me, wife , and 2 kids = 4
Alrighty then... let's get rolling on this thing! Everyone who is planning on attending, please PM me & let me know when you plan on arriving, where you are staying (hotel, tent, etc, so I know where to look) and some contact info so we can send out help if you don't arrive. Let me know if I overlooked anything..
My topic tracker timed out...other's probably have also.

Come on here before you know it.
Cant wait. Leaving out Early Thursday am. Should be in the hills on Friday afternoon.
Pictures folks lots of pictures.... I so wish I could make this event! Everyone keep safe and do some riding for me.
(ks-waterbug @ Jul. 15 2007,10:28) Pictures folks lots of pictures.... I so wish I could make this event! Everyone keep safe and do some riding for me.
Who's bringing your bike up so we can do some riding for you?

j/k - too bad you won't be able o make it. I was looking forward to riding together agai, even though I can't keep up with that big bore motor you got.
I should be making this trip. Also talked to two other Busa's from my area, one is most likely making the trip with me, and will find out about the other. Thinking the campgrounds, sleep under the stars, either fart sacks or truck bed. Will be trailering up (no sense in wasting tires). Will PM Hillsrider my info once I got a lock on the other two Mike's.
We'll roll out friday night after work, be there early Sat morning, get some sleep before the riding and fun begins.

Here is the link to Palmer Gulch. Should be able to get a spot for a tent, but let me know if not as there are several Forest Service campgrounds near by.

Palmer Gulch
Guys/Gals be safe out there and do some riding for me...... I can't believe I'm not going to be at this event!
I was looking forward to meeting you at this one. Guess I will have to pull a road trip next year!

We are up to 8 bikes so far if everyone makes it... any one else??
Hmm so whats the final head count? I'm not even completely sure if i can make it which sucks sometimes i really hate being a farmer uggg