After mods dyno run continued...2012 ZX14 was there also


Went and got my 2012 Busa dynoed today ( hot out ) full Tsukigi cannon exhaust, BMC race filter and a Bazzaz fi unit with a map from my last Busa. Pulled a 177.61 SAE. The air fuel wasn't as good as I wanted. I might get a tune next. My buddy with the 2012 ZX 14 did his again to have the a/f checked and he pulled a 184 SAE ....with FULL m4 exhaust, filter and PC5 with a internet map. His a/f was about perfect for 101cc more the 7 hp wasn't that impressive. We couldn't do tq so we can't compare with that....I will post pics when I can.
you know Dozer, I have an 08 14 and an 08 busa. God I love my 14. It was my first fast vehicle I ever owned. I love to ride and mod. I'll go with NOS on the 14 next year. I'm not planning to ever own a 14r. I'm holding my cards back until Suz updates the busa....maybe I will buy a fresh bike again when that happens.
I like all bikes...even the ZX14. I just wanted to show that the power of the ZX didn't change much from the last Dyno run. We used the same Dyno as the last time ..
Can you post the graph and A/F chart? Is the dyno in a cell or trailer or open air dyno?

Also, don't forget if you are going for peak DYNO numbers you'll want it leaner. For a "true-proper tune" and faster on the street/track you'll want it a littler fatter... ;)

Have you raced the 14R? How do things play out on the street/track?

Let me know if you want my old map to try... :beerchug:

It was a open mobile dyno trailer. I got him to play just a little but it's not for him. He just likes to ride and take it easy...more of a cool factor for him.



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My GOSH....that map is HORRIBLE!!!! :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:

Get one of the other maps in it quick and don't beat on it until you do... :please:

Also, have him chart the runs in RPM next time and not speed... :beerchug:

Is that really Greg's old map? :banghead:
I wouldn't be surprised if your bike makes more power than that 14R with a proper map. :laugh:

Unless the sniffer wasn't working properly... :poke:

Did you get my email? the email...thanks buddy. I am getting a tune very shortly ....arranging it now. Will update when it is tuned