What do you think of the competition?

What do you think of the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

  • I've owned one in the past. Now I'm in the 'dark side' and wishing for it again.

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Heh, just stirring the pot a bit. What do you guys think of the ZX-14?
(I'm posting this same poll on their site about your bike. Just curious. No malice intended at all.) After all, that bike may very well have not been born if not out of competition. (And the Busa might have never had a Gen 2 if not for that bike...) So, competition is good, yes?

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I like the ZX14 especially the 2008 dark sapphire metallic color. Most likely I'd be just as happy on it as my busa.
I've owned some Kawis in the past, and will never diss them. Anyone that's owned a Kawi sport bike knows what I'm talkin' about.

the style is just to buggish for me looks like some kind of bug based transformer..... not trying to pi$$ anyone off but thats how I see it:alien::alien:
I would like to ride one and then i could say more, kinda like the ones that have never rode a B-King knocking it, i would have to try it first.
I have one of each and enjoy the h*ll outta both of them. The 14 is more comfy for long rides..and smoother.....but I like the planted feel of the busa more in the corners. Its nice to have the option to change up too....keeps things interesting :thumbsup: The 14 is being turbocharged...so we'll see how that changes things :laugh:
I prefer my bikes without external non-functional cooling fins on the fairing.

But hey, that's just me. :whistle:
Before I bought the Busa I had a Kawi 08 Concours and looked at the ZX14 and Busa many times before making a decision. I decided on the Busa for -
1. Looks better to me
2. has a larger following, I aways liked them
3. Has a great selection of aftermarket parts
4. Probably would sell faster and for more $$ if I decided to sell down the road

Ok, what is this? It says it's a ZX-14, but the uglyazz fins are gone. This is how they should look. I would buy this!

I've not had the chance to ride one, but sure would like to. If I could buy one, and keep my Busa, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Edit: ^^^^^^^ that is smokin' hot, damn.
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I liked them the Busa just seemed a little nicer looking an felt more comfortable on it.

Ok, what is this? It says it's a ZX-14, but the uglyazz fins are gone. This is how they should look. I would buy this!

Thats an 06 black 14, lowered, with a fat tire kit, sweet rims, trick mirrors etc, and smooth side panels you can buy that replace the grills. I almost picked up those smooth side panels...but the grills are designed to keep the hot air off your knees and legs, and I like'm for that reason, so I kept them on :thumbsup: