It just keeps gettin' better...


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Went out today after lunch and got some excellent seat time. I was playin' again with all the info that I've gotten from this site, tryin' to improve my riding skills. I tell you what, the busa just keeps gettin' better! It just feels like everything is breakin' in well and she just gets smoother and more powerful.

Ok, maybe the power thing is just me, gettin' used to 'er and lettin' her go like she wants to go. Either way, I have more fun every time I ride 'er! I don't think I've ever truly enjoyed another bike as much as I am enjoying the busa. Of course I've never had anything like the busa either. ;)

The front wheel got it's first bit of air time today, unintentionally. I was doin' some spirited riding on some back country azz roads and came up on a tractor goin' into a curve. I had to slow to a crawl until I could get around it but when we cleared the curve onto a straight away I rolled hard on 'er in second gear.

At about 80 mph the front tire ever so gracefully lifted a few inches and just floated for a second before easin' down. It scared and thrilled the shtuff out of me at the same time!!! :eek: :devil: I felt it skimming the road surface a few times during my last ride a couple days ago but today was my first actual air time.

Oracle said in another thread that I'd know when it actually wheelied, and that I would be addicted. He was absolutely accurate on both accounts.

This bike friggin' ROCKS!!!
And yes, I understand that my little air time wasn't exactly a three mile wheelie. Gimme a break, tho. I'm just a busa rookie! :alcoholic: have me laughing so hard here......the rest of these dudes in my office here think I'm a nut job :laugh: :tounge: :D
I am sooo happy for you! That is an exciting feeling! I remember my first (accidental also) wheelie. I flogged my Honda after passing a bus and it also skeered the shat outta me! :laugh:
Thanks, fever. I felt like a little kid when it happened. I had this big shid eatin' grin across my face. In fact, it's still there! You know yer bike is friggin' awesome when you're still grinnin' an hour and a half after you put 'er on the stands in the garage after a ride!!! :super:
right on many clicks on that thing ?

remember fast breakin' = fast bike.....kill kill kill...

hav a good 1....RSD.
She's got just under 350 miles on 'er as of this evening. Runs better every time I ride 'er, too. :super:

I think the exhaust note is gettin' a little deeper and louder, too. I guess the can packin' is burnin' in, or whatever. All I know is that she really sings to me when I twist 'er up now. I still want new cans tho... :cool: