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Hello ya'll~
Just signed on to this site~ I currently own an '01 750 Kat and just turned 14k on 'er~ Today I went an took the '03 Busa for a test ride~ When I got back to the stealership, I just about kicked the tar outta my Kat....after cleanin the spunk outta my jeans~
What a sweet ride it was~
I have been torn between the Gixxer1k and the Busa as my next ride and today pretty much sealed it for me~ I'm gonna keep the Kitty, though, for my wife to ride~
Oh well, just wanted to say Hello to everyone~ I spend alot of time at KatanaPlanet and TLPlanet, too~ Hope to be spending more time around here and learn all I can about my future love~
Welcome Joker,
I went from a Katana750 to the Busa and there are some surprising similarities.

lots of good info here.
Welcome to the board
You will love the Busa and this site.
Welcome to the board!
And I have to ask about the name, any relation to the biker club?

Thanks for the welcome, ya'll~  

No, Kevin, but what a mind blower! I've had this name for a good 20(+) years now... It started out as just Joker, which was given to me by a LowRider club I used to hang out with back in CA~ They repected the fact that I could be myself and still fit right in with them~ Unlike some others known as "wanna be's"~ One day the club Prez said I was like the Joker in a poker hand and could fit right in anywhere at anytime~
A few years after that...I was pretty much homeless and livin off the streets~ Eatin, sleepin, and showering at friends houses and such~ One of the "vato's" said "Joker's living like a Gypsy"~ I put the two together and GypsyJoker has stuck ever since~
About 5 years ago...I ran across my avatar pic somewhere on the net and thought that it fit the name perfectly~ One day, I'm gonna have it airbrushed on my helmet and/or bike...  
Cool, very interesting life!!
What made me think of it, I had been reading up on the 1 %'s and that name stuck in my mind. And if you have no relation to them, you may want to know about them

Take care and welcome to the world of BUSA...