Happy with the power!!!!!!!

Happy with the power!!!!!!! - or not.

  • I can barely control the power it has.

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  • Stock Busa works fine for me.

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  • I might add a few more ponies.

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  • I have a few more ponies.

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  • I'm a power hungry pig on the bottle.

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  • I'm a power hungry pig with a stroker.

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  • I'm a power hungry pig with a turbo.

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  • I'm stroked and on the bottle....yeee haaa.

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  • I'm the psycho that runs a stroked turbo.

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  • Other.....explain below....maybe yer adding HP soon.

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Just wondering how many of you are happy with the power of a stock Busa.....or how far you're planning on going in the quest for huge ponies.
would like to add turbo someday rock.gif

but for now just a few bolt on good for few HP but could always use more !!! biggrin.gif
Would like to add Turbo as well... super.gif  super.gif  super.gif <--- these guys kick azz

I dunno if it's me, but the kid seems to be slower than when I first bought the her!  Doesn't feel like she accellerate's as fast as she used to....... It must be that getting-used-to-the-power phenom that everyone is talking about.  wow.gif


Stock is good enough....+ the minimal increase you get from adding a full system, works for me......More than enough!
Though if Spray were safe on the engine, I'd love to experience teh sudden boost it gives......you know....just in case I need it tounge.gif
ninja yer crazy. get on it and push it outta a plane at about 30,000 ft and see if ya can hit 300 laugh.gif
I like,
non stroked,
big CCd,
high revin
with a good shot of dope on top of it! cool.gif

Da SLEEPER is stock tho. wink.gif
LOOONG :sad:

He's WAY busy, and I have a bike to ride now, so it hasn't been an issue.

I'm gettin anxious now tho.

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