Cap's meet N greet list

I thought Ace was heading down with you??

he is leaving Chicago and heading by here on Wednesday and we are going west until we find a place to crash that evening...then, we're going on to OK City on Thursday where he is meeting with some high school frinds for a couple days while i go on to Caps...he'll join us Saturday morning for the rest of the weekend :beerchug:
Professor and Kristi. Friday evening after work. Saturday after we get back from a family get together. Sleeping in my own bed!

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Semi, if you need a place to crash, you know I have a bed for you.

thanks bro but i doubt we will make it that far since i'll be trying to turn my sleep schedule around and ace is coming all the way from Chicago that morning...definitely looking forward to seeing you my brother from another mother! :beerchug:
Cap do we need to bring anything?
Lookin great. Any ideas yet for the ride Saturday.


Sat morning we will head out to IHOP there in Norman for breakfast around 8am. We will leave IHOP and head down hwy62 over to Chicasha and then down to Mt Scott. We will spend a little time on the top getting pictures and visiting. We will then leave Mt Scott and start making our way back to the house via the long route. We were going to stop for gas and a snack but going to see if the group wanted to skip lunch since we would be back home mid afternoon. Fire the grill up then and eat around 4 -6 somewhere in there on Sat leaving lots of time for laughs and folks not being too tired...

I plan on taking a night ride out on Friday too, its always a lot of fun to do a star gazing ride, its amazing to hear people say they never knew there were so many stars.....

acehole and i have made it to Springfield, MO so far, it has been an interesting trip :whistle: