Busa vs ????


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Ok sportsfans....the other day I was coming home from a ride in the cornfields...had a great ride and finally got the busa into triple digits 120 or so (yes I am a pussy). ON the way home this Dodge Viper with a teenager pulls next to me and says; "what do we have here? "

My reply: "What we have here is a f**king mismatch....now go away little boy....I do not want to waste one milliliter of gas--much less pollute the crisp country air-- on that ugly, slow, pile of metal you call a sports car. Go home and call your daddy and tell him you want a Lamborghini and then we will talk."

My question to this forum (oh by the way, I was in a lousy mood because I wanted to ride in the cornfields much much longer but had a commitment with a lovely woman) is.

Busa vs. Ferrari Testarosa ...who wins (off line and top end)
Busa vs. Ferrari 308 GTS....who wins (blah blah)

Busa vs. Viper (in case I did race the pubescent teen)
Busa vs. Lamborghini Countach (off the line and top end)
Busa vs Ford Pinto (ok just kidding...)

Assume all vehicles are stock.
blah Blah Blah who cares you are comparing apples and oranges..
That like me saying your busa agianst a SR71 top speed. who cares
I don't know, the Pinto could be quite a challenge to the busa, especially if hit from the rear. :laugh:
The only Lambo that you'd have to worry bout would be the Diablo, and that would only be at very high speeds.......cool thing is you'd get to 186mph so much faster you'd of already won the race.

You could pull up to 186......then stop the bike, and take off yer helmet and watch him go by.......not really but close.

Johnny.....lighten up a bit......everyone compares apples to oranges sometime in there life......no big deal. :beerchug:
I made juice with an apple and an orange this morning. There was no comparison. They just blended in quite well. :D
I think the only that would come close is the new Ferrari Enzo. I watched the car show the other day where it goes from 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds. It's basically a formula one car in street form. Of course it did have a 700,000 dollar price tag, so I think I'll have to let someone else tell me.
I can answer for the Pinto:
1975 dark blue edition Pinto wagon:
Mods: new air filter, clean oil, flat black spray painted grill, home sewn faux-leather black hood bra, tinted windows
0-60: 16 seconds or more ( I think that was downhill)
topend estimated at 120 (I don't think it had a rev limiter)  I reached 115 once if I recall
Johnnycheese.....it does matter in some cases. In some parts of the country you run into these cars all the time....was just wondering which ones are worthy of "playing with" should the ocassion arise. I really didn't know how fast these cars are and was wondering if they were in the same league as a Hayabusa. Actually your airplane comparison is interesting. A 747 is going less than 200 mph at take off. Ditto for a 777. (although their crusing speeds are in excess of 550 mph).
Yeah, an SR-71 is just a little faster than a 747............maybe 5 times faster!!!  Remember how good your busa does is dependent on the rider/driver.  On a straight-away no race, but throw some curves into it and those cars might blow your windscreen off!!
The Blackbird leaks huge amounts of fuel when stopped, therefore the busa is by far the superior vehicle. :laugh:
OK Well Babuski, you like bustin mine now I get to bust yours...a little...

How about we step into the modern era vehicle wise? Testarossa? Man what is that, last made in 96 I think???

OK Now I am not one to to snipe without providing a solution...so.

Go here International Road and Track Select the Database and register, just enter BS information and proceed. There is a big ole listing of the fastest car out there.

But my vehicles of choice that could make things interesting...

1. Porsche 996 Turbo.
2. Diablo
3. Ferrari Enzo
4. Mclaren F1
5. Ferrari F360
6. Saleen S7

Something to think about though folks. Several of the cars above have SUB 4 second 0-60 times and allmost all of them have higher top end speeds than the Hayabusa. Add this to All wheel drive, traction control and four wheels if conditions are not just right it could be your ass. All the driver has to do is stomp on the gas... Point is, if you do not bring your A game one of these things may embarrass the hell out of you, especially if you get caught in a roll on at interstate speeds...Remember the Busa still has the aerodynamic efficiancy of a greased brick and stock only produces 160 horse. Once the Cagers get moving, superior Aerodynamics and power will keep it pulling longer and Faster.

BUT, Bring your A game in good conditions to the table and none of these will be able to to do much more than watch you disapppear until about 160-170MPH.

Despite what good ole' JC has to say in his particularly Charming manner... It may be apples and oranges, but hell they are both in the freakin produce section, so take a freakin pill, pull that rusty barb out of your butt and lighten up a bit.

Tampa and Florida in general can lead to some interesting match ups. For instance, So far, 1 Corvette Z06 (RIP) one Porsche 996 Carrera 4 (RIP), one BMW M3 (RIP), and even a craphead in a NO Kidding Porsche Cayanne... None of these were really races, just simply me walking away, but they did give it a good hard try...Cayanne...Funny... :laugh:
:D Sweet picture...I have heard that when they were flying that they needed to be refueled allmost immediately after takeoff due to low altitude ineffeciancy and hell just the amount of fuel dropping out of the things....
The Blackbird leaks huge amounts of fuel when stopped, therefore the busa is by far the superior vehicle. :laugh:
Well, sort of...

"One of the most amazing characteristics of the SR-71, was its habit of leaking fuel whilst ‘cold’ on the ground. There were two reasons for this. The first was that during the design phase of the Blackbird series, Lockheed was unable to find a fuel tank sealant that didn’t eventually break down from reduction caused by the fuel. The second reason was because of the aircraft’s tendency to stretch during high speed flight, sometimes up to eight inches (20.3cm), it had to be built with the expansion joints through which the fuel would leak. When the airframe was hot, it would stretch and seal the gaps and joints tightly, but once it cooled down after landing, it would shrink back to the original length and the gaps would re-open. This fuel leak caused initial consternation to base fire crews, especially those at foreign bases such as Mildenhall and Kadena who weren’t used to handling the Blackbird all the time. Apparently some Blackbirds leaked worse than others (and were known as ‘leakers’), and this is probably due to the fact that, because the aircraft were all virtually hand built, no two were identical. This leaking tendency influenced the operating procedure for all Blackbird models, which would launch with minimal fuel on board, and then top up from a tanker aircraft before proceeding to cruising altitude."
But my vehicles of choice that could make things interesting...

1. Porsche 996 Turbo.
2. Diablo
3. Ferrari Enzo
4. Mclaren F1
5. Ferrari F360
6. Saleen S7
Hey Rev.......get this.....my 21 year old neighbour drives a 2002 996 twin..........with 19" RUF wheels........Ruf full body kit........RUF suspension......and RUF engine mods.......thing is pretty crazy.
Unfortunately......our family doesn't quite see eye to eye with his.......not that we fued or nothin just don't talk to each other........had a couple run in's with his brothers who are my age, which almost led to flying fists.......anyhow short of it is that no matter how hard I try he won't race me........kinda sucks......oh well maybe one day.....I'll let ya know. :beerchug: