Almost the last vote....

Ok members as of last count the total number of votes to move this event to coincede with CycleFest was 10, leaving 10 votes to not change the originally agreed apon date. If I don't have any more votes today 12-20-2005 to move it. The official date will remain as originally voted!

Original date the weekend of August 27-28th, 2005.

The date of CycleFest August 20-21st, 2005.
Drew, I think its at Copper Mountain.

Like I said before, I really dont care which weekend, but I'm coming to get in some good riding and meet you all. If cyclefest == lots of bikes in the area, I guess my vote is keep it the last weekend.
check out this link and if you are worried about too many bikes don't be. All the rides I did last year we never had any problems with too many, as a matter of fact we hardly ever saw anybody. Just lots and lots of twisties and beautiful country to see.

only thing I can say is if we don't have it during Cyclefest I will not be attending, because I already have reservations for Cyclefest!

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The votes are in and the official date for this event is...............

To coincede with date of CycleFest August 20-21st, 2005.

well I think some locals should be able to help us out with finding a spot....where ever it is will require decent parking facilities cuz I'm sure there will be plenty o trailers and trucks there
I am riding in & plan on camping. Anyone in Colorado know of any campgrounds to check out in the area?

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Camping is a good way to go, LOTS of places to camp, and the weather is good for it.  Not hot during the day and just a little chill at night to remind you that your camping.  Check out
Click on the "ORDER Travel Guide"... Lots of good intel. Also all of those with AAA now would be a good time to order up some maps and start planning.

I am hopeful that with it being in Late August I'll have the time off from a new job to attend. Besides, will be a good excuse to get home.

HIM, Just cause were talking about riding twisties, doesn't mean it's going to be madness and mayhem, infact I'll wager that accept for a small group most of us will be there to enjoy the ride, not set world records. Even the Dropped N Blinging Crowd will find roads suitable and plentiful...

None of you will be disappointed. You wanna Ride? There are literally DAYS worth of good riding roads... I recommend heading through Aspen for Lunch then up and OVER independance Pass... It's a sweet ride...

Ok, everyone who suggested or has been to CycleFest better start posting up! Where should the group stay? Who do I need to call for prices and availability? Need a little help here....
I already told you man, Copper Moutain Resort. That is all that is there, condo's and such. I think I paid 125 per night and I had a really nice 1 bdrm condo with kitchen and balcany but others that went with me had rooms for about 80 a night and it had 2 beds and big bath and the likes. After the first of Jan Lets get together here in town and we can tlak about it and i can help out. WE can call Copper Resort and see what we can get worked out. PM me and let me know what you think.
Sounds good... I'll keep everyone posted as to Every Possible combination we can come up with for staying at/near this event. As soon as we figure some of the details out I'll post $$ for the various locations. Never hurts to see if someone else can do better. Until then Ks wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
I'm in......
I'll be camping with my family so we can all enjoy the week. Can't wait. It's about a 16 hr. drive from Houston TX.

25. Wayneswa

Things are starting to shape up. Looking forward to meeting each and everyone planning on attending this event. Camping sounds like fun....
Hey ! Anybody know a good campground close to Copper ? I might want to bring my motorhome if good camping is avalable close. Otherwise I will rent a condo with BusaMike. Camping would be my preference though.. I am about 99% sure we are going. Putting in for vacation Jan. 1, I lived in Denver for a time back in the 1970s and have visited many times to ski. The roads are truly magnificent..

also, do we have a place picked out for where to stay?
seems to be 4 campgrounds around Lake Dillon that take reservations.. Heaton Bay, Lowry, Peak One, and Prospector.. according to Mapquest Dillon is approx 16 miles from Copper Mountain.. just an idea.