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Just a reminder that a poll has been started to get a weekend selected for the Meet-N-Greet Busa Bash....
Which can be found
Need to keep the ideas coming for Where in Colorado and lets start a list of who's planning on attending......
1. Kansas is coming to Colorado
South Dakota is coming too! At least I am...
Virginia will be in the house...... at least I am... hopefully others will as well and I will have a few people to ride out with.
This August thing sucks but maybe it will work out if its the right week.I hope I can take most of the month off I got alot going on But I want to do this ride.
I'm planning on it. Heading west from central NC. Probably stop over along the way out and back (depending on routes). Probably stopping in Boone, IA one way and in Conway, Arkansas on the other way.
kansas again, if i can ride out with a couple other bikes i am in. just concerned about excessive speeding tickets!! i dont need any.
So far people planning on attending...
1. Ks-waterbug
2. BusainSD
3. 04BusaVA
4. bacharles
5. PsychoZ
6. Kevin Kesler
7. zukracer
8. skathegip
don't forget me!!!!!!!!!!! I just hope it is in conjunction with the cyclefest or it might be questionable.
I'll be there, as well as two (or more) of my group. We are going to trailer up so I can bring my top box incase we need tools, stands, etc. (may bring new triple speed to play with too)

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Rick James will be at this celebration
If extensions don't kick in and keep me over here I'll be there.