Almost the last vote....

so this is going to be a weekend thing....I'm going to try and schedule my "change of venue" at work (read get a new job) around when this happens
 so I might be up for riding a few spots on the way back....always thought the sturgis area would be a blast to ride and see the area
Come out anytime, before or after, and I will hook you up with the best roads we have to offer out here!!  
thats a deal



I vote to have it coincide with cyclefest, I think....

I mean I would think more folks would be willing to come out to hit two events at once.  My only concern would be the number of other riders on the same roads....  

Second thought.... like I said from the beginning... I'm up for whatever.  I think it would be awesome to meet as many people from this board as possible and shid it be a helava road trip.....

Anyone else from WV, VA, MD, or DC thinking about headin out??

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.... I'd be willing to meet up with anyone from the original 13 colonies, or anyone in my line of travel, to roll out with..
i for having it the same weekend cause everyone is not going to ride the twisties. Especially you out there with extended arms and lowered bikes. Also those whom are chromed out are probably not gonna want to be slidin around a corner on one knee. So havin it at the same time will give them something to do and we may have a chance to catch some great deals on some parts.
Really doesn't matter when to me, but the middle of August would probably work out best. Not sure where I will be coming in from just know I'll be there if at all possible.
Definitely change to the Cyclefest weekend. I promise as long as the weather is good you all will have a fabulous time. Just remember bring warm clothes becasue in the morning it is really cold but by 10 in the morning it is ok riding.
Guess I would be up for having the meet at the same time as Cyclefest. Give us something to do if the weather turns or some don't feel like riding for a day.

And zukracer... drop me a PM when the date gets closer & we will get something set up for riding in the Hills. Same goes for everyone else if you are ever in the area!!

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I voted for the last weekend cause i was taking a guess it was gona probly coencide with Cycle fest from what i hear there is nothing near the conjestion on the roads as like there is during the honda hoot in TN or Strugis in the hills depending on how things go for me i may be in the TN area just before this meet so i'd be up for riding back with people from the area to Colorado should be much Fun

Hey BusainSD if i'm not in the TN area mind if i ride down with ya at always like traveling with someone rather then stag all the time gets boring
I hope this dose turn out and alotta people don't end up or have to back out partaked or heard from other friends about trying to meet up for events and at the begining there was a big number and at the end there was next to none which sux but i guess it happens hope this dose not turn out to be one of them events
I'm OK with it coinciding with Cyclefest....if this is something that going to happen at the same time we're definately going to have to hook up the lodging pretty far in advance in order to ensure we're not all staying at the campground.....also we need to make sure this will feel like a party and not just attending Cyclefest as another spectator.

Just my .02...
I like cyclefest and all, but I would rather have it someothere weekend. Just would rather have some time to busa`s and buds than everybody and there dog.

But I dont really care which ever way we go.

Just my 10cents because my 2 cents are free.
I'll be rolln through on my way out to Sanfran , so put another brutha down on the list. My plans are to check in (Busa Round Up)on a Fri morning and rolln out Sun morning to the Golden Gates.
Lets hurry up and pick a weekend in Aug so I can finalize this trip.

Sounds like things are starting to shape up! The bug has no preference on when we do this so I give it a day or two so we can air it out.... POST UP FOLKS, THIS IS AFTER ALL YOUR TRIP.

Looks like we got another member doing the meet... Glad you can make it Rhythm.

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As long as it's mid- to late-August, it's cool with me. I'll be in North Carolina for the Roundup, so if we decide something later than that, then I'm cool with it.
I agree with bacharles, mid to late august and I'm okay with any weekend. Just need the heads up to coordinate with other riders and you know... the boss... for the time off.
I'll make the meet if we have it in a good riding area. Don't mind socializing and meeting up with all the great folks, but riding is what it's all about for me. Will be riding in from Texas. Don't care about the specific weekend.
Welcome aboard Sweeper & BABUSA.... That makes the total number of members planning on attending (not counting guest) right at 23....