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. . . I watched my bike get stolen today! I mean that literally, BTW, as it was taken out of a government parking lot in front of my office at lunchtime today. I had a perfect vantage point from my corner office with a view as 2 guys cased the lot for motorcycles and one jacked my bike. I'm sure it is in pieces by now, but NC riders be wary of a black Ford Explorer with temp tags and a big dent in the right rear fender in your area. I'm am told it was the 18th vehicle stolen this year from Ft. Bragg. On a positive note I believe I was able to give them some very useful information about the assailants and maybe bring them to their doom.

I probably will not sleep well (if at all) tonite thinking I could have done something to stop them in the act if I had moved more quickly, but I didn't want to prejudge the perpetrators. When I came to my senses I couldn't get to the first floor of the building quick enough to stop them from leaving nor complete the 911 call to have the gates closed and preventing them from leaving post. They were captured on surveillance video, but we couldn't get a license plate on the trail vehicle.

I guess we will see what happens, but I'm not holding my breath. Here's the last pic that I took of her. Have I ever said that I hate thieves? Well, I do! :guns:

Isadora (19 Jul 09) - 9r.jpg


Comin' back stronger than ever!
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OMG! How does somebody do that? I am so sorry Ken.
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Still asking myself that question, James. Not the end of the world, though, at least not for me! I don't bad things for most people, but I've got a couple wishes I hope come true.


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I hate to hear about things like this happening to good people. Hopefully they'll be caught.
That sucks, bro. You can file a claim with the post/gov't too--recover anything insurance doesn't cover--you'll get your deductible back at the very least.

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