Modding the new Pashnit Busa


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Oberon Footpegs

Yes, we have to toss the stock footpegs.

Easy to remove, just pull the C-clip. Note they are spring loaded, so gently ease out the pin





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Stock footpegs are heavy and have these super-long peg feelers. Go figure.


Each peg is nearly 12 ounces


Btw, the stock pegs have the weights on them to curb vibration transmitted into your boots, but the my three Busa's have always been a very smooth running bikes for me.


The story of Oberon pegs, a brand most have likely never heard of goes back to my original '00 I purchased in 2003. It came with silver Oberon pegs, I thought they were super cooling looking, got used to the sensation of them and have had them on the Busa ever since. I had to get another set from the UK for this bike and they run about $60. Nice to know Oberon is still around. There are many brands of pegs you can choose from and we talk about lowering the pegs on the Hayabusa often with the Buell pegs but I like these. Very clean appearance and they can actually be used with any bike, just need to swap out the mounting block.

Motorbike Foot Pegs Aprilia, BMW, Buell, Ducati, Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Mv, Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha

And you have to assemble these:



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Installing a Woodcraft Stator Cover and
Ricks Motorsport Electric 500watt Hot Shot Stator & Hot Shot Rectifier Regulator

The chrome Kanji Stator cover has to go. Sorry kids, not for me. I sold it for $20 on eBay to a guy in Puerto Rico. You can buy this new for about $40.







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This Stator cover from Woodcraft likely dates to about ~2004 - ...15 Years ago! Where did the time go... when we did group buys for these and everybody on got one. I'm still using the same cover. It's been on three bikes. This cover has seen a lot of miles. Maybe nearly 100,000 miles on a Hayabusa?

We just need to clean it up.

Bad news is Woodcraft has an all new design on their site & it looks all different, but for the old timers like me, I like this original design. I sold a ton of them to members here. You can't get silver ones anymore either. Woodcraft quit making silver covers (called Bright Dip) like this one couple years ago.

Call up Woodcraft, Order a new skid plate / puck, polish up the aluminum with some steel wool and good as new.

Old vs New



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Word to the newbies. Toss your stock stator cover. First thing a lot of us changed on our Hayabusa's. One tip over or minor slide in the middle of nowhere and your stator cover is toast. Flatbed home.


Remove stock cover and put on a shelf.

Keep in mind if you have never taken one off, it's magnetic so it feels hard to pull off at first. Break the gasket seal with a tap from a rubber hammer like this:

When you put it back on, make sure your finger are not on the gasket. Magnet sucks the cover on quick!



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bolted in & ready to install

If you want to run lots of electrics like me, your stock stator won't cut it. I learned this the hard way while leading a motorcycle tour in Death Valley and I drained the battery with all my lights & goodies. Yep, pushed started the Hayabusa in Death Valley. Fortunately I wired all the lights to on-off switches (PMR Thumb Switches) and I just turned everything off. Lesson learned.

What burnt stator coils look like on stock Stator. This stator is toast and won't charge very well.

You need a higher output stator. You can but cheapy china models on eBay these days but I'll stick with USA-based name brand like Ricks Motorsport Electric. You'll also need to replace the Rectifier Regulator to handle that extra juice, so plan on both as a package.

Ricks Motorsport Electric Hot Shot Style Suzuki Rectifier Regulator 10_227H

Buy that here:

This Rectifier Regulator is plug n play: Just plug it in. But i've told you can not run the 500watt Hot Shot stator with your stock Rectifer Regulator. I'm no expert, just what I've read.



Put it all back together


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COX Radiator Screens

We're going to add a set of Cox Radiator Screens. R&G also makes a set of Radiator screens for the Busa. You might be wondering - Why? But the general idea is to protect the fins from damage or puncture. And they look cool, don't forget that.

I got these from Cox Racing:

They come in several different colors, this bike is blue/silver so these are perfect:




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They come with some soft foam and ya just stick those on the back.


This '08 Busa came with china plastic and it has this goofy looking plastic mesh over the oil cooler built into the plastic. I hate the way it looks so I cut it out with my dremel tool. Eventually, I'd like to buy some stock OEM plastic for this bike and swap out the china plastic. Visually, it looks okay, but the fitment is terrible.



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The top screen attaches with zip ties.




Favorite radiator pic: This was during my first Iron Butt ride doing a 1000 mile day on the Hayabusa, running around the Bonneville Salt Flats, and the radiator caked with salt. And yes, I pressure washed it off. Salt got into everything. It was like wet cake batter, then it hardened. Year later, I was still finding salt in the bike. :D



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Bagster Tank Cover

I'm a big fan of the Bagster Tank Cover. Bagster - Le spécialiste des produits de sellerie, bagagerie | Bagster

I've had them on my '00 Busa, ST1100, 1st 08 Busa, 2nd Z1000, and now this bike. So 5 bikes. I sold the one I had on my 1st '08 so I bit the bullet and got a new one shipped to me from the UK. Bagster is a brand that comes from France and they also have tankbags that clip to the tank cover. I have a tendency to wear out tankbags, Zippers break, they get banged up. My favorite tankbag was called the Bagster Citybag I got for the '00 Busa. I used it so much, it fell apart and the cordura fabric completely came apart. I like to buy used Bagster tank bags (I have 4), so it takes a bit of patience of watching eBay daily waiting for one to come up for sale. Bagster seems much more popular in Europe than the US. This bike is all travel, so the right tankbag is essential. But I love the look of the Bagster tank cover, and they are popular with the sport-touring community.




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