anyone carry a gun while riding?

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I usually have my Glock 9mm for the anti war protestors!!!

Ain't war hell!!!

Marc "Howlin Mad"


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Smith & Wesson 50 cal in my boot. New England is to hard to carry. We have to many state borders with in 30 minutes. they will toss you away for long long time in Mass. Licence to carry in Connecticut..


I have my FL CCW. If I am in any state that accepts it, you can bet I have one on me. For concealment purposes I carry a H&K USP Compact .357 Sig.

I carry a cheap mellenium edition Tarus 45 cal. in my back pocket. And it came in handy one day, not pulled just shown, and it did the trick!!!!

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I have little GP 100 .357 but getting a permit to carry in Cali is harder than getting Courtney Cox' phone number. Even if I could get a permit, I doubt I would carry anyway.
I carry my RPG-7 strapped to my back, just for those special occasions such as Sunday drivers with their caravans which always get in my way...ha ha ha..
yea I'm thinking about getting a revolver. That Kel-Tec blew the internals up at the gun range. The slide wuldnt hang back, and I was told it's because the internals expanded during shooting. I think I might sell it and get a small glock or a revolver, maybe a taurus or something, I dunno

LOL for the love of pete! dood you need one of those old school western style saddle holsters for that shiznit. I think I need to start packin my Glock 19 after seeing that

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