Your Best 1/4 E.T. on a Hayabusa and list mods!

The reason I ask is because my hp. is in his hands as we speak. I just kinda wanted a little reassurance if you know what I mean I will post the results when I get them but it should be interresting to see how much he can milk out of the motor!!!
You better watch out Jason, Robert Surprenant ran 9.35 @ 154.97 1/4 and 123.06 @ 1/8 on his ZX12R, at Sanair dragstrip in Quebec Canada this weekend at the ProStar Dragfest. By the way how much are you looking to get for the Hayabusa?


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I had Tony at MTC make my lockup back in Nov., it has worked out real well. He is developing a one piece hub for me to try, I can't wait to see it. I'm sure it will be awesome! (the one piece hub will eliminate all of the inner hardware)

My bike starts to build boost when I let the clutch out. I regulate it with the proggressive boost controller. Maybe, you can try and talk turbobusa into a match race with me, it appears his bike is just as fast or faster. What do you think?

Frank Adams: I really like the swingarm Terry done for me! He has been doing my fab work for a long time.

Gary(teamflint), Are you still useing the stock shock with that arm or?

Also, have you removed the inner finderwell yet for suspenion travel?
Ah yes thank you Frank,,,you beat me to it.

Gary could you please email me at

No need to do it right now...i will be going away for a while. I would like to talk to you about your suspension and such..I am building a turbo busa..basically I need your advice considering you are basically the model. Dont worry I dont ride as good as you so I wont be lining up against ya for a while..notice I said a while..heheheh
thank you ,
60' 1.640 330 4.231 1/8 6.324 @ 118mph 1000 8.125 1/4 9.650 @ 147.25
I weigh 170lbs. lowered, strapped, PC2, yosh pipe, no clutch mod. Only launching at 5,000 rpm.
Heck, Chip Ellis went 9.30 @ 150 on a 12R the other day as well. 4-5 more mph (like Robert's bike has...) and he would have been knocking on the door of the 10.1 range. Those things can really scoot.
Bill, I know about Robert, Rickey and Keith told me. That is why I am selling my busa and buying a 12. I was asking 12k for my busa, but I will take 11k for it, no less!
I think with 154mph like Robert has I can go 9.1s on a 12R