Your Best 1/4 E.T. on a Hayabusa and list mods!

959@147 44rear sprocket airboxmod hs3 shifter clutch mod stock pipes before balancer removal not lowered or strapped.42# air in tire ran as driven to the track and no suspension adjustments.avg 965s last 20 passes or so.
60' -1.627
330 -4.268
1/8 -6.440
MPH -113.56
1000 -8.320
1/4 -9.916
MPH -141.04

Mods-Akrapovic,Airbox mod,16t sprocket,PC2 and the bike was strapped and lowered.I weigh 239lbs with leathers and it was 102 degrees at the time of this run.

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BadBoy - Your just a real FUC***G LOOSER aren't you! Why don't you learn how to ride your damn bike! Look at the St. Louis IDBA results this weekend and you'll see what my Busa is running! Here are my timeslips from Monday AS**HOLE!!!!
weigh 165 1 time at track so far 10.05@139.86 1.65 60ft,clutch mod,lowered,airbox mod with stock filter,16 t front yosh box +5+5+5 11:30.want to run 9.50s.....any help
It looks like everybody is telling the truth except GSXRboy.

GSXRboy & Gixxer1300R are real close in the same mods and weight.

But one of them is full of shitt!
i have a zx-12 ha ha bone stock it ran 10.3 at 149mph but when i lowered the bike and drained all but half a quart of oil out of it, it ran 8.70 at 168mph, man what draining that oil will do for a zx-12 lol.
my 99turbo busa runs between 8.26 and 8.33 at 178-182mph mr.turbo race kit 18 lbs boost modified motor and n.o.s kit. my 00 busa not lowered, pipe, no clutch mods runs mid 9's at 147 mph.
1/4 Mile: 9.41 at 148mph. Best 60 ft. 1.54. Runs on all nuts! Stock motor with Stock wheel base but with lots of external mods. 220lb Double Cheesburger Eatin' white boy!

You have to admit that looks strange. Approximately the same 60', 1/8th et./and quarter mph but picked up over 3mph in 1/8th on second run. Im not calling you a liar..just saying you can see why it looks strange. Wouldnt you have to be pushing 200hp to run 122mph in 1/8th. I think some mph traps are off at some tracks. I know one track here gives speeds 5mph faster than all the others but et's are still the same.
I've seen people with same mods that weigh only 130ish go 6.20's but only at about 116 to 117 in 1/8th. What happened to make your mph pick up that much in the 1/8th. Just asking not flaming.
I'm back again. I just read Back from the Dyno thread and I see at Milan you ran 6.26 at 116 with same mods. I have come to the conclusion that the track was posting high mph times...maybe a problem with the lights. It takes lots of hp. to pick up 6mph in the 1/8th mile....LOTS! $hit where is this Lapeer raceway...I'm going there and run some 120's.

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At the local race track here most bikes have a hard time breaking 120s in a quarter let alone the 1/8. Busa are just hitting 130 in the 1/4....

Could some of the differnce in the 1/8 mile mph be that he staged a little differnt to get some roll-out?

My 9.28 @ 148, still is my best, but I didn't list my intervals. Stock wheelbase, stock motor, hindle pipe, 16-39gearing, lowered, clutch mod, M/T MCR2 tire, air box mod, and yes a couple 600SS tricks I found to reduce drag for better mph.

1.48 60'
3.94 330'
5.99 1/8
9.28 1/4

I am putting an air shifter on it now, and I have lost about 10 lbs since my last visit to track, now I am only 165lbs. I am aiming to run 9.1s I really think that it is possible. I have made a total of (5) 9.28s-9.29s And more 9.3s that you can shake a stick at. Once I have maxed out my busa, (with I may already have),then I will have Carpenter Race Engines do my a 1390 motor and then I will be gunning to take the Fastest Stock Wheelbase Bike Record. The record is a 8.82 @ 161mph (water cooled GSXR built by Coby Adams) I think with a 200plus hp Hayasbusa, I can beat that record with a stock arm. Wish me luck!
Jason theres no doubt you know what your doing but here is a few things you might possibly consider before you do the motor work.
1. Go with a lock up now. You already have a clutch mod so it wont mean anything different when everyone looks at your mods in comparison to your ET's. Besides it's best to have one with a 210+ Carpenter motor.(I use a MTC setup with a fabricated cover. It may be the only Busa with one?)
2. Have you thought of weight loss to the bike? There is a huge list of aftermarket parts available for weight loss.( Rims, axles,carbon fiber body work, brake rotors, aluminum gas tanks, and the list goes on)
3. I found a tenth 1/2 by useing VP's new MR3 fuel.( Wow! thats like 7hp)
4. I promised I wouldn't give out any settings yet but I'm sure if you put a slotted cam sprocket in and do some degreeing on the dyno your going to find something to help those ET's.
5. ......???????

There are other mods we could touch base on some you may alread be doing(?) but these are just a few things I thought I would throw at you...And see how serious you are about being "The Man"? :)

Clutch mod
One tooth off front
Best 60ft. 1.59 not that good
I weigh 180lbs

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I have tried every fuel under the sun: VP MR3 & MR4, New Tech, Power Mist, Sunoco, and Pump Gas. To tell you the truth Frank, 93 Amoco is the best for my map. I don't know enough about the power commanders & laptops to tune the other fuels to work. As far as weight goes, there are easy ways to reduce it, but I want the bike really to be stock, and bodywork and wheels wouldn't fit the image I want. Bob Carpenter doesn't use lock-ups on his motors yet, I know it won't help me now, but maybe with motor work.
Yes you do need to make changes to the pw2 when your useing those fuels but you should be able to make good enough adjustments with just useing the buttons on the pw2 itself.

I have to disagree you about the lock up. It will help your Et's now. Even the average Joe could see a 1/2 tenth by going to a lockup! I predict even more from someone that knows what they are doing.

And even more so...give Brock Davidson a call he has a new BDE trick for lockup's that he may be willing to share?

Don't think that your not getting any clutch slipage from the what you have in your bike now opposed to a lockup?! You's just hard to realise it untill you start working with a lockup.
10.460 at 137.1, first day I tried it (third pass),
at Carlsbad Raceway.
Bike is stock, original tires, original clutch,
original everything. Tank full. Tool kit included. :)

I weigh 180 (body weight, no riding gear).
Rookie rider. I better practice a bit.

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5.99@122 1/8 and a 9.28@148 1/4 but it was spinning when I ran the 1/4. I hear the times all of you are posting and they seem kinda low but you may be going that fast on stock bikes just lowered but I have never seen it the fastest I have ever seen stock wheel base lowered was a 9.21@ 155 and that was a 1430 with cams and pipe.

Oh my bike has been lowered and has a 4" over arm with a M/T St. and air shifter.