Your Best 1/4 E.T. on a Hayabusa and list mods!


9.89 @ 139 mph / 1.62 60' time . Best 60' time: 1.53 on a run against 15 mph headwind. et was 10.06 @ only 131 mph. 220 lb rider. Mods at that time: Bar and slick, clutch mod, Barnett clutch, spaced for using only 8 thick kevlar fiber plates, instead of 2 thick, and 8 thin OEM set up. 16 : 48 gearing, air shifter, brock mod, small air box mod, Yosh pipe, PC II. Need to try some vht, for better 60' time. Too much tire spin at local track. Would expect 1.40's @ 60', and resulting improvement, over et. ........ ...Once all this is sorted out getting turbo, and going for 8's. :D
60'- 1.76
660'- 6.42 @ 121.6 mph
1/4 - 9.85 @146.80

Average - 9.90-91's @145.50 mph

This was my best time from about three weekends ago. Here is the parts I had at that time Y2k with Yoshi Duplex(Carbon), Half box mod with stock filter, short stacks, mapped at 5,5,0 and No PAIR. All stock height and gearing and tire.

I am going tonight to try out again. I now have clutch mod, full box mod and I am bringing my YOSH box to try some different settings, also 3/8" hd fuel line with inline ProFlo glass filter.
list your bodyweight too..... this is a major factor!
60 ft. 1.70
1/4 9.91
mph 142.6
lowered,16t. front
175 lbs.
jason-iv'e heard you run the bike with 600 supersport tricks like 0w0 oil, and wd-40 in the bearings, basically the bike is stock, but is not streetable. is this true? any other tricks you can help us slowfolks with? not accusing-just asking.
Actually Mr Stroke you are correct, and incorrect. I have done some of the 600SS mods to mine, but it is still somewhat streetable, granted I don't ride much on the street, I have taken it to some bike hangouts in DC, and to some local bars at an Island near me, I do not recommend 6 or 8 hour trips the way I am set-up unless you want to do alot more maintenence on the bike. I do have several hundred miles with my bike set-up the same exact way I race, only thing I change is take the rear hump off and put the passenger seat on for my beautiful girlfriend. I even ride it totally slammed, without mirrors even. But technically it is not a set-up yopu would go cruise on all day long, so for that you are correct.
A 290 pounder rank novice did this time last weekend.

60: 1.777
330: 4.453
1/8: 6.637
1/8: 111.95mph
1/4: 10.18
1/4: 136.39

Mods: Strapped front, lowered via BDE links, Ack, air box, PCII.

Thin/normal people who run the bike get 145+mph terminals.

This is Mark, I'm the one who told you about this site. Well my fastest time on a completely stock Busa was a 10:05 138mph, 1.68 60ft 112mph 1/8. Lowered 2 inches, strapped in front. I weight 213lbs without leathers.
1.526 60'
6.248 1/8 ET
122.28 1/8 MPH
9.540 1/4 ET
147.72 1/4 MPH

OK the bike now has 440 miles on it after riding it to work today and here is a list of what I have done so far: (I'm 230lbs)

Cut out airbox and installed BMC
Brock Clutch Mod w/Stock Springs & Spacers
Two Brothers Full Aluminum System
Removed Crankshaft Counter Balancer
PCII w/503 Dynojet Map
16 Tooth Front - 42 Tooth Rear
Air Shifter

and soon to come Cams & NOS...
List some ET's of your Hayabusa and your mods! I would like to see how fast everyone else is going. Or how fast you have seen someone running.
99 Busa Turbocharged, stock engine, lowered
(set up for Streetbike Shootout).
60'- 1.42
1/8- 5.46 143 mph
1/4- 8.26 175.47
I am 200lbs with leathers.
Maybe, turbobusa might want to have a match
220lb rider with leathers, 16tooth front,half airbox mod, 10.33 137.25 mph,1.78 60ft,108mph 8th, 78 degree wheather, 16% humidity,1300ft track elevation phoenix firebird. suspension set up for daily riding.
5100ft albuquerque drag strip.
1.78 60ft, 10.77@133.78 mph 80 degree weather
life is slow in NM!!!!
10.12 at 140mph. Had like a 1.74 60foot. But I am a rookie and weigh 205lbs.

RS-3 Slip-ons
Re-mapped FI'z

Teamflint, where do you work at: 5250 or 5300 building? I tried to find you in the address book at work, no luck. I talked to you in the parking lot as you were leaving for Columbus.
Do you run a lock up clutch on your busa? if so who makes it. Is it the shootout system that you have on your bike? Very good times..must be a monster of a bike,hehehe.
Could you tell me approximately what rpm boost starts to build with you at the wheel?

You say you are running 18lbs of boost with a Mr. Turbo race system. 178-182mph is pretty hefty mph. Is this on a street tire setup like Flints? Its a rayjay turbo on your kit right?
teamflint(Gary), You sure have set the standard for all us to chase after!

I can only ask that you keep your Busa in the garage for awhile so maybe Me & some of the others can at least try to reach that big 8.20's to catch up with you?!!

I'm kinda jealous right now but thanks for giving us/myself something to shoot for...!

btw, how do you like that arm Terry Mcintosh made for ya?
He told Me that he used the same setup from My Busa for yours..