Your Best 1/4 E.T. on a Hayabusa and list mods!

A Daddy Busa,

I ditn't quite understand your last post. Were you reffering to me? First off, I have never been 122mph in 1/8. 119mph is best in 1/8. Yes my motor is stock! And yes my wheelbase is stock! For you not to see it, does not mean it can't be done. I have been 5.99 @ 119 in 1/8 and 9.28 @ 148 in 1/4. I did it at Rockingham at the Prostar Race. Scooter, Marty, Joe Marasco, Dave Schintz, Skip from Orient Express, Rickey Gadson, Ladwig, Everyone saw it and the timeslip too! I even dynoed it at the prostar event on Maracsos dyno, and it made 156hp. Thats it! I probably have more track time than any other person in the country, when it comes to drag racing. My parents own a 1/4 mile drag racing facility (MIR) I test every week when it is closed, I have over 300 passes on my Hayabusa alone. I have ridden many other bikes as well, all stock wheelbase with stock motors!
1999 R1 = 9.74@142mph
1999 ZX-9R = 9.79@140mph
1999 ZX-6R 10.36 @ 130mph

I hope you were not knocking the credibility of what I say!
Everyone here who has even a limited knowledge of drag racing knows who you are. We also know you have mad skills. Many would say "if I had my own track I would go that fast too".
But I'm sure you've heard that a time or 2, actually it comes with the territory. When your the man everybody's a critic.
Hope you hang here more often.

Omega, thanks once again for having the ability to post what I would have wanted to say, but unable to actually write it. Great post, I obviously feel the same.
9.76@145 1.68 60 ft.
only change- micron pipe.
still 175 lbs.

cant 60 ft. that good yet, but mickey MCR on the way....i know, some of you can probably 60 in the 1.55's with a stock tire, but i cant,-yet.
I am running stock map currently.

Daddy Busa,
I do help people all of the time with their bikes, but it has to start with "There are no boundaries or limits" The bike does not know what ET it is going. ET is just a number. There are 1320 different feet of asphalt in a dragstrip. You have to work every foot at a time. What this means is that, you have to be smart to go fast #1. The ability to make a run and analzye it in your head is key. I will even go as far to ride the bike completely different ways to find out what it likes. Ever play a video game and find out that even though what you may think be the fastest way around the road course is different than what the game really wants you to do? Drag racing is no different. There are different physics being applied to the bike at the 60' mark than at the 330' mark. What that means is that, the days of setting RPM and just slipping clutch to get front tire just barley off ground until 2nd gear, is not the fastest way down the track. Like I said there are 1320 different feet of apshalt. What is the fastest way down the track? Homework, video filming, pictures, paying attention, and trying different techniques to find out what part of the racetracks can take more clutch. And at some points in track do you want more clutch even with the front tire down? OK, think about this, what RPM do most riders leave at, let's say 6k rpm. Does the bike make max power at 6k rpm? No. At what point are you at full throttle in a run? end of 1st or 2nd? when you get to full throttle are you still on the clutch? If so, full throttle still does not mean you are at redline. So what RPM are you at? Smooth is key! Everything I said above you better understand and see that there is alot more to being at the top, than just looking around your local track to see who is there to beat. There is always a faster way down the track! HP helps, but it's not everything! Bye the way you asked what RPM I leave at, I leave at 6k rpm.
Do you have the clutch mod done I can't remember what you said. The reason I asked what rpm you leave at is because when I talked to Brock he told me to leave at about 3000 but the bike seemed to leave better at 5500 -6000 maybe I am wrong who knows. What track do you do all your testing at??
Also how much do you know about Carpenter??

IS he as good as they say he is ??

Also you got an e-mail address I want to kinda talk to you about a couple of things one on one!
I did not say it could be done but the only bikes I know that are going that fast have motor work done to them. Hell if you are stock wheel base and stock motor going that fast put a 150 shot on it and you will be in the 8.20 range at 179 hell you might even be in Keith Dennis's range hell he has a big motor a big shot and a progressive and up until this year he had only been 8.20's on his bike, I know he had the fastest stock wheelbase water pumper and it only went low 9's with the bottle.

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what rpm are you leaving at, maybe you are the only person to truely master the Busa if so I need to spend more time talking to you about your riding technics because we are of the same weight but I have never gotten a stock busa to go that fast the fastest I have gotten it high 30's in the 1/8 at 117, hell I thought that was good but apparently it is not good enough. You always know there is someone out there that is better than you but you never think they are that much better it kinda makes me think I may be just alright and need to practice a little more but there are a very few people I know that can out ride me but apparently you are one of them!
Its not hard to see that his et is right there in his 60 and 330 ft.... stock bikes can go 147-148 all day long with external mods and a 165 lb. rider. you can look at his bike and see its stock wheelbase and a MCR tire. His et is there because of his riding, plain and simple.
so far my best et is 9:85@145, 60' 1:67. still learning how to ride this bike, have been leaving about 3500 rpm. now have air box mod and ti pipe,clutch mod and lowered i hope to run quicker and faster. i weigh 200lbs. peace
Jason I personaly know A Daddy Busa he is a real heads up type of person knows his stuff
I personaly learn a lot from him.
I would not be worried about exchanging e-mail or phone numbers
My .02
Thanks for the thumbs up and me being a good guy. MAybe with his help I can make this little 750 burn a hole in a couple people's asses if you know what I mean! When I get it together I might come down to your tack and run it a little since no one there knows anybody here. It should have no problem going into the nines ( I hope).
Carpenter is a guy you can trust. He undid Stupid bike mikes fuc- ups and made it right with 200+ hp. Can fax dyno's if need be!!