Well at least I got that out of the way...


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Went down today...at lunch. Damnit! :banghead::banghead::banghead: #@&*^#@)#(%

Low speed, tight radius turn...maybe around 10mph. Dunno what happened...felt real good going into the turn, leaned her low. Looking through the turn, decided to glance at the nose to see the reference point to the ground. Think I may have done a little over-correction...because the next thing I know the bike slid about 2-3 feet away from me and I landed on my left butt cheek/left outer thigh. Did a quick butt roll and was instantly up on my feet...got to the bike before the motor even died out. ??? Lifted her up, FI light on...turned off starter switch, turned off ignition, turned it back on along with starter switch and VROOM!...back in business.

Only part of my upper body that touched the ground were my hands. No scratches or messed up palms. Hell, even my work slacks have only a little bit of scuffing. Guess the speed was really low...my pants weren't torn and shoes weren't scuffed.

Helmet still in pristine condition...never even came near the ground. Plastics are all good...no added scratches or cracks. :thumbsup: Stator cover a little scuffed on the bottom...clutch side frame slider has a bit of the tip ground off. Kinda like at an angle. ??? I'm ok...only my pride is hurt. Just my luck...it happened at one of the island's busiest intersections at one of the busiest times. Damnit!

Damnit!!! :spank:

Now I need another set of extended frame sliders...can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.
Man that sucks Bro. :cussing: By the sounds of it thou...I'm more distraught than you are. Glad yer taking it so well. :thumbsup:

Could have been worse. I had a real bad feeling just seeing the thread title. Did you take the rest of the day off? It's only about 4 in the afternoon,yer time.

Sorry Bro, Rubb.
Ah, me bruvvah...a shameful and humbling experience indeed. :( I'm no worse for wear...only my pride is hurt bad. In my eyes, this is more a newbie mistake...not one that I should be making. I mean, c'mon...it's not like this is my first rodeo. :banghead:

Oh well...guess that just means that I have a LOT more to learn. And that I'm not as "back-in-the-saddle" as I thought I was.

Instead of the Lone Ranger...looks like I got the role of Tonto. Sigh. But yeah...still here at work. It's only a short while 'afore I can head home.

Anyways...pics or it didn't happen, eh? Coming right up!
OK...so for the most part, the bike is good. No damaged plastics, bar ends, mirrors or levers. Good to go, right?

I almost caved in and bought...a regular strength soda. Almost. I ended up buying a diet. Whew.

And so there you have it...that's just great. :(

Ennyhoo...can anyone direct me to extended frame sliders for me beloved Yuugen? Pretty please? :please:
Somebody will have changed out their cover to aftermarket and give you one...I hope. *hint hint*

The plate bracket...you'll have to spend another 8 dollars...:laugh:

The slider,cut it off square,and sand nice and smooth...good-2-go for now. Do other side to match.:thumbsup:

Nice fish. :beerchug:

I'm ok...only my pride is hurt. Just my luck...it happened at one of the island's busiest intersections at one of the busiest times. Damnit!

at the intersection of Marine Drive and road to the Mall? I dumped my YAM Virago 750 there (came from Barrigada Heights, making a right turn on my way home to Dededo).

Glad you're OK, best of luck fixing the bike.
didn't like the title, first thought was that it was going to be bad...glad you only hurt a couple easily replaced pieces and were able to ride away :beerchug:
Glad it wasn't worse. Haven't looked for sliders in a while, so not sure who has them. Looks like still had some good vittles, though. :laugh:
:( I'm just glad you're OK Pac!! And the Busa isn't so bad...good to see pics of you that don't involve your rear-end-road-rash :p
frame sliders definitely did there part for sure. good to hear your alright and nice catch on the snapper.
sorry to hear Pac, just glad your ok, the bike looks like she didnt recieve too much damage either, i will be on the lookout for some frame sliders for ya.