The first North GA get together.


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Today the GA members had a get together in the North GA mountains. We started out the day with 14 bikes and 9 of which were Busas. We did run into a little rain but nothing to heavy. And we also got hassled by two cops. :eek: The first one I'm not sure what happened because my slow but came up behide the group as they were talking to cop #1. :laugh: The second time was on the way back home in the rain as we pulled through an intersection he made a U-Turn and followed us for about five miles and then sat next to us through the entire red light at the next intersection. The whole time he was in the trun lane but he waited until we pulled away and he still waited until we were about 100 yards away befor he made his turn. :tounge: All in all we had a great time and as always it was nice meeting other members of the board. Oh and with the run ins with the law no tickets were issued. :D Here are the only pictures I took. They were later in the day after we lost a few riders from the group.
Sorry about the rain, but some of the nicest riding days are when it's sun to contend with and blind you...

Yeah, I'm with Greg...names of participants so we can put people and bikes together!

Glad you guys got together and had fun...and came home ticketless! :D
Safe, fun, and noooo tix. Guess we had ~14 bikes when we left , including 5 (or more) busas - I never counted. We started for Morganton, but turned around about 5mi. past 180 (rain, after that, it was dry until we hit 400 to go home). Back down 60 to 180, to Richard Russell senic hwy, at the end of which we had a brief {ahem} chat with Mr. White Co. (we told him leghumpers {see note} aaaallways stay under 140, and he was ok with that :D Immediately thereafter one of the GSB guys received 10 leghumper demerits for a looooong one-wheeled salute to Mr. White Co. it was awesome! Later, had a GREAT lunch at Two Wheels Only while watching Vale Rossi win, again. Man, he's good!

Kudos to Amy and Heidi (busa babes) for making the trip.

Only a couple pics this time - dunno why I didn't take more - duh. Busaben, did your pics turn out?

LEGHUMPERS:<span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'>This ride was coordinated both here, and on the Georgia Sportbike Association forum. Leghumpers rides are held the same day as "Chicks and Newbies" rides. Leghumpers rides keep the fast guys from racing around the newbies, and drooling all over women in leather.</span>

.Early start from LaMadeline - all busas.

.WOW busas even look fast when parked.

.The sign (on left) was pushed over by the wind blast from passing 'busas :D


T'was fun!
Steve C.
How 'bout a list of the participants?
qwck10th made the plans and the others made the day.
AtlBusa(new member)
There were others but I am terrible with names.  Sorry guys.
We also had a few guys from the Georgia Sportbike Assoc join in.
Ummmm, the real Bullet Train wasn't there... Musta been an imposter!  :super:
My bad sorry. :sad: I couldn't remember all the names and I saw yours on the post in Geographic Riding Areas. Maybe next time you can join us.