awesome mountain ride last weekend


Last Thursday I drove (bike in truck) up to my Brother's house in Alpharetta, GA. Friday morning we rode from there (he has a Yamaha FJR1300) up into NC, and TN. we hit the "wheels through time m/c museum", then across the Blue Ridge Parkway, and into the Great Smoky Mountains national park. We stayed in Townsen Tn.
Sat morning we hit the Foot Hills Parkway, then Deals Gap ! that was very cool, we hung out at the resort for a bit to people (and bike) watch. Then rode the Cherahala Skyway.
then Sunday we hit a bunch of North GA roads.
The mountains were great, so much different that the FLAT land of south Florida.
I will attach some pics..
1st one, LE in my truck on the way

We rode about 615 miles over 3 days.. So my LE is only 3 weeks old, and has 1513 miles, and has already been on Deals Gap. It was a very cool trip. We are going to plan another trip for September, possibly to hit the Gap the weekend the FJR's are going to meet up there.
Forgot the official name, but it's a sleek looking Joe Rocket!

Uaintlobusa, makes you want to move doesn't it!
Nice pics! You have to let the NC/SC people know next time so we can join!
The Wheels thru time museum is awesome . Dale Walker has some really cool stuff in there from the early 1900's . Probably one of the best antique bike collections I have ever seen . He even has some very old auto's there too . We've been there a few times when Dale is given the kids and ladies rides in some of the WWII sidecar bikes . Most of the bikes in his collection still actually run and they keep them that way , not just show pieces....... Gotta love it when someone actually loves motorcycles as much as most of us .