Just got done stripping with paint stripper from a body supply place. SWEEEEET. Wheels look almost chrome, Took about an hour applied stripper, worked in about ten minutes, rinsed with hose reapplied stripper rubbed with scotch brite. Voilla. The rear was easy front needed quite a bit of rubbing. I don't no of anythign else you can do in an hour for 20 bucks that looks so good. Well worth the effort. If anyone tries this careful of the stripper, the poop will kill u . Very painful in open wounds and nostrils. No joke
One comment, and one question...

Comment: Please post pix, I'd like to see up close and personal!

Question: Did you have to do anything to protect the tire sidewalls when applying the stripper?
is the "stripper" you used called, "airplane remover". i have a friend who used it in the same manner that you stated. it took him a couple applications and a little rubbing and his rims look great! just like polished.

he did state not to get it on your skin and that it didn't affect the tire walls. never used it myself so this is just passed on info. it sure sounded tempting..... just my .02
Yep, it's aircraft stripper, just get the stuff at any autoparts store. It comes in both quart and gallon containers. A quart is enough to do both wheels.

I'd suggest getting some decent chemical-resistant rubber gloves. It's fun to use as the stuff just bubbles the paint right down to the metal, although hurts like hell as a little will inevitably flake somewhere onto your skin despite all precautions. I've stripped two gas tanks, magneto covers and a few other metal parts this way.

Do NOT use this stuff on any plastic parts, BTW. It will melt a hole right through (I tested some on a wrecked hump, turned the spot into soft goo). Dismount the tire and remove the valve stem and wheel weights before you do the wheel. This is not at all something you can do on the bike.

Here are pics done by another member:

You can easily dismount tires yourself. Read down a bit on the guide in the Mods section:
Ok gang, I'm resurrecting this old post. I have spent about 2 hrs on my front wheel so far and its getting there ... slowly.
Followed suggestions from this and other websites but how do you get the dark color out of the textured areas? A local friend recommended sand blasting then start wet sanding... any one else wanna share 2 cents? - Thanx

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better but still workin on it ...

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I'de like to do the edges and keep the center black. I have seen this done before. Do you just tape the center? Any other recommendations to do the edges without screwing up the center?

Doc, check this out : wheels

I want mine to look like Lo's

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Just checked out the site Hawaii,,
OOOooh I want that! Oh Oh...could this be the start of something?
Chrome is the only way for me I have polished 2 motorcycles and it is not easy to do or easy to maintain . I recommend 1 stripping 2 I used a dremel to smooth all the welds on the frame dont grind them down I just smoothed the puddles of weld to be an even looking weld 3 sand start with dry paper you can use a DA on the big spots work your way from 220 to take the small amounts of powder coating that are left down to as fine as you can find cause then comes the hard part. 4 Wetsanding 1500 wet then 2000 then 3000 all wet keep alot of water . If you feel like a little piece of dirt or something is under there get it very wet again keep it very wet keep rinsing it over and over cant stress water wet very wet . 5 steel wool 0000 fine steel wool you can find it 0000 is super fine wet of course lots of water 6 polish I use Mothers mag and aluminum polish and I use those cotton thingys woman use to put on and take off makeup they come in squares and circles You cant use a rag to rough 100% cotton not cotton balls to hard there cotton pads find them in makeup dept at Wal mart put it on and take it off with them it will turn black while putting on keep rubbing it in with your fingers Yes they will hurt by the time you are done then dont let it dry rub it in with a clean one till its shiny repeat till glossy . Every time it rains or dust gets near you or you wash your bike you will only need to repeat the polish part . But if you scratch it or some dummy runs his hand along it with his rough ass hands you may have to clean it up with some 0000 steel wool and polish all over again > I am pollishing my frame for this year because I am chroming the other parts chrome frame next year
PS you cant even imagine how hard it is to keep those wheels polished they get the most dirty and you have to hand polish all around behind that rotor etc good Luck
Chroming is definitely the way to go. Just look at Lo's wheel, smooth!

I polished mine while still on the bike. 8 hour job.
1) Taped off the center of the wheels, applied remover in about 10" sections, doing one section at a time. Must be careful to not let the remover soak under the tape.
2) Removed the tape and stripper. Cleaned the wheels well. Wet sand 400 grit to remove the machining, we sand 600 grit to remove the scratches, wet sand 1500 grit to smooth even more, polish until shiny.
3) Biggest pain in the as$!!!

Chrome! this spring.
Here is my bike finished polishing:

Lo told me thats polished.
Some guy in the bay area does em. I will have you know I have got about 6+ hours into my sanding so far and still not even close to done. Then the polishing ... oh the polishing! Yep chrome is the way to go. I will probly polish only the outside edge on the rear. Dont wanna spend the extra$ on chrome right now. I ground off the DOT cast numbers ... on the one side but I'm slowly gettin there, I was suprized at the imperfections in the wheel I'm sanding off - sore fingers, shoulders, arms ... I really get into it.
I feel for you man I took my whole bike apart to do the frame sand sand sand jeez Thats why I am only doing the frame the rest chrome I will do the frame after but cant afford it this year . The trick is the cotton pads they do the best job of polishing way better than rags etc . But you need to wet sand with 0000 thats 4 zeros steel wool thjat gives you a really smooth finish then polish over and over I will look and see if I have a close up of my frame so you can see .
My wheels look like shiat right now... got wet and stuff...

Bought a nice little buffing pad that attaches to my cordless drill.
cheater! haha
Its been about a week now and still I am trying to finish the heavy stuff. I'm guessin maybe 1-2 hrs per day so far.Then I gotta sand out all the scratchs I made... dohhhhhhh!

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