Saved a few grams on rotating mass pics


stripped my rims today....actually only done the front so far. havent polished it yet. bought some aircraft stripper from auto zone for 8.99 i saw they had the same stuff a wally world for 6.99 anyway that is some tough a** sh*%. paint comes off in seconds after you apply it. also its a thick consistency, so you can apply it to the whole rim and not worry about drips. its a must have for this type of project. i figure with the weight i saved i should gain another tenth of a twentieth HP and prolly an extra .000026872 mph in the quarter



pic2 notice how shiny it is under that paint.....havent even polished it yet

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Wow. Never seen a product that removes aircraft before. Pretty neat!
Actually, wheel looks great. Been thinknig about doing something to my rims, but I just don't know...


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wow...aircraft remover!! Now we all know what the stealth uses!!


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wow....that brings back memories of doin my wheels (which suzuki still uses today) back in 1990 on my Katana!
that was before chroming was even considered by us poor folks!


Off we go, into the wild blue yonder...
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looks great... i'd consider doing it myself but i'm not into the constant polishing of my bike... Cant wait to see the bike back together though!!


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I did mine a coupla months ago and like it much better...
And it's easier than you think to do...


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