Chrome rims on a budget


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I have a friend that says his father is in the business of applying a chrome "paint" to motorcycle rims and it is cheaper than real chrome and has a lifetime warranty. He may be talking about chrome powder coat, but I'm not sure until I ask more questions of him.

I can send out my rims to be chromed for $500-600 or I might be able to get this powder coat for much less. Is there anything that I should be aware of before I get further into this?
I would look at a sample of the finished product.
If he is a friend and it is a lifetime warranty (better than real chrome) and you like the look, then go for it!
I doubt you are going to find any budget solution that works that great.. the work to get a good chrome rim is where most of the money is... "prep"..
chrome must have sky rocketed. Last set I sent out cost $325 to have chromed.

never heard of powder coat chrome.

Chrome paint doesn't hold up (in my experience)
we have done several sets of wheels in powdercoat chrome it looks great in sun,has a little duller look like polish in part is spray wash and ride..
how much $$$$ to have wheels chrome powdercoat

I have a powder coating operation in my business complex. In addition to my pal's father, I'm going there tomorrow to see if I can get a good neighbor discount. If they can do the work, I'll ask what the going price would be for anyone interested.
Chrome powder coat Looks Good Very Close To Chrome But will never be chrome.. Also Make sure they put a clear coat over the chrome as ITS A Must cause of the high level metal in the powder it will oxidize if no clear is applied.... Once a clear is applied it will look like a shiny silver at most..

Pics for reference 1 st pic is chrome powder w/out a clear...
2nd pic is with clear..

chrome No Clear.jpg

chrome with clear.jpg
Hmmm, not liking that too much. I guess that scratches the idea of powder coat. I'm meeting up with my buddy tomorrow to see what it's going to run me for this special painted chrome...I don't think it's the same as powder coat from what I'm seeing.

Thanks for the heads up, good to know! :beerchug:
No Problem .. I dont even suggest chrome to anybody because of what you see above. and for reference I do Solid Colors for $150/set of wheels.. Metallics/Candy/Dormant colors are $225 since they require 2-steps... Rearsets & Passenger set are $70-If already broken down add $20 If i have to break down... (w/in stock colors)

That Chrome paint is nice Ive seen it but the cost of the equipement is Crazy Expensive.. However it looks awesome. Let us know how it works and pricing info.

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where u located 06blackpearl, I was thinking of powdercoating my rims off my 04 gold. not metallic gold but somewhere between 08busa gold and WRX rally Gold
if you are worried about the cost......have them polished, then cleared. this will look much better than "chrome paint"