Extended swing arms and black chrome haybusa parts

Depends on how far you stretch. 6" not too much of a difference. 12" you're driving a semi
im 8in extended with a few inches dropped but not slammed. i can usually keep up in corners with my buddys on normal curves. but slow turns are big.
Lowered 6 in the back, 3.5 in the front, at close to 8 over. Rides fine around town, and takes corners well. Just don't expect to be dragging knee around the corner.

And also spend the extra money for a quality swingarm as bolt on extensions like to break sometimes.

I'm extended 6 inches, lowered 3/4 in the front and stock rear. I love it but had to learn its a lot different as I started dragging hard parts when trying to keep up with buddy's. That's also when I was lowered 2 in the rear, that's why I went back to stock height.
Takes some getting used to, but it's not as hard as some people would lead you to believe. I was out 7.5" and lowered maybe an inch...was amazing. Am in process of doing another one just like that. It's like you have to 'want' to take a corner and really turn the thing. Being lower makes it tougher than before but again, if you want to turn, you just need to push it a bit moreso.

Totally ridable.