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I am from Maine and here we are not required to wear a helmet . I got caught but let go (more or less) in Mass one day for not bringing a helmet with me . Just a question on how many of you have to , or do not have to wear a helmet in your state. What are your feelings about helmet requirements???? Just opinions no fighting
Safety first. I have seen a lot of accidents involving motorcycles, all shapes and sizes. It would not only be silly for not wearing one for safety reasons, but the police in England will stop you and fine you and implement 3 points on your licence..

SirUk I am not firmiliar with England . Is that the entire country or are there differnet laws for different .....Counties???? :hammerhead:
I'm afraid that is the whole of England and wales, not sure about scotland but I would say they should be the same..
I live in Boca Raton Florida and I always wear a helmet no matter what. Never go ona bike without one. For example 2 weeks ago I would of been dead on the spot with my brains spilled on the road if i didnt have a helmet. My head must of hit the ground atleast 10times as I was rolling lol.

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Oh man sorry to hear you had a crash .. They did repeal the mandatory helmet law in Florida though correct??? I was there 2 or 3 years ago hauled my bike down I was lucky when I cruised Daytona Beach they let me take the helmet off .
California has a helmet law, but it went in with the seatbelt law (I think). I wear mine all the time. I went down at "only"15 mph on my GSXR but smacked my head pretty hard and was glad to have had it on. I saw my friend go down at 100+ in front of me and he walked away with big bruises from a bike that was totalled. His head (in the helmet) slid for a good 40 yards. I'm a believer.

My cousin is a facial reconstruction specialist, he's seen too many accidents and said wear it EVERY time you ride.
I live in Georgia where there is a helmet law. I have riden with and without a helmet and could take it or leave it. I also have scratches on my helmet from the tree I hit last year. Thank god I had it on that night. Accident or not I still beleave that it should be up the rider not the law. Same thing for seatbelts.
No helmet law in Hawaii. Most sport bike riders wear em and most harley riders do not. 3 months ago or so a Ninja rider was killed about 2 miles from my house, an elderly person turned left right in from of him, he had a helmet but it came off. Unbelievably, last week it happened all over again, same exact spot! same senario, but this time was a Harley rider, no lid. Everyone is saying it was very messy, very messy.

My cousin messed him and his girl friend up about 30 yrs ago. Cracked his head a good one. He still shakes on one side constantly, slurred speach... several operations... nasty.

And for those who need a little more convincing : check out I think the pic is called " nothing comes between me and my harley " ( warning its very gross )

I have ridden without my lid and gotta say, the wind in your face, the sound of the bike, ability to see better & be seen ... its very cool. But not worth it. My helmet is usually on.
Well I guess now I can voice my opinion . I bought a helmet to match my bike its very nice . I do not wear it all of the time I know I should but I do believe it should be up to the rider and not the non-riders in the government to make the choice for us . Just my opinion remember , it doesnt have to be yours . I like a helmet sometimes but I dont like the way your periphial (sp) vision is impared and I cant hear the cars when there near me in traffic . I would never tell anyone not to wear there helmet (never) but I think the choice especially here in the US should be that of each one of us . In Maine we have a helmet law for the first year of your license and when you have your permit but after that its up to you . If anything should be outlawed I say old people with licenses LOL
I have got to get a picture of my old helmet shell sometime. That should make anyone think twice about leaving home without one. It's a risk everytime you mount that you will go down. Not wearing gear is just gambling that you won't crash.

Here in Texas, helmets are required with two exceptions: 1) you have $10,000 in medical insurance or 2) you have an MSB-8 certificate which can be obtained with the completion of an MSF riding course. You 'MAY' need a sticker on the bike showing that you meet these requirements (law states 'MAY' not 'MUST'... another 'technicality' that could work to someone's advantage).
I am from France, live in NJ-USA now. In France we have a very technical test to be able to ride a motocycle. First thing we learn is safety:

-Shoes/Boots NO sneakers

If it's hot, I deal with it. Most of the time with a Busa one better ride with a jacket anyway.

Think about if you drop your bike and you'll answer your own question!!!

</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td> (aj20010607 @ Aug. 05 2002, 13:18)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Think about if you drop your bike and you'll answer your own question!!![/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
A lot of people don't think, though.

What part of France did you live?
I am one of the few, perhaps the only, harley rider who wears a full face helmet all the time. But, I have a busa now so my harley is going to become nothing more than a dust collector until i sell it, and it matches my bike
This is my helmet

except mine is solid black.

But, I say let those stupid enough not to wear one do what they want. I dont really want to listen to them complain about haveing to wear one. I wont listen to them complain about their head hurting if they go down either. :hammerhead:
I agree with letting each rider pick and choose their own safety equipment/free country/personal choice thing. However, I don't think that it's fair to me to a) have to pay higher insurance rates because someone exercising their right to be stupid sprayed 1/2 their head all over the road but didn't die and cost the insurace company 20 million bucks to keep alive - so the company passes the cost on to the rest of us by higher premiums, and B) Same scenario, except the same no helmeted uninsured CS fluid leaking person has now become a ward of the state hospital and my taxes have to pay for life support for 30 years. With personal choices comes personal responsibilities. Sure, thin the herd, don't wear your gear, just go ahead and pin the expenses on the rest of us, buddy.

I was just taking opinions and getting a feel for what states have helmet laws and which dont . I agree if you dont wear a helmet you should have to have extra insuraunce and an extra cost. But I live in Maine we have alot fewer accidents then say California ,not to pick on you guys and girls but I have heard of more than 1 accident a day in some popular spots. I just new jackets for my girlfriend and myself. If we could reduce the amount of fradulaunt claims on insuraunce we could all afford some nicer things too.
I might as well throw my quarter in, the days of 2 cents are over,anyway this is a free country do with your life what you may. I lived in a state with no helmet law and now in a state with one.You should be able to make your own choices in life and live with the consequences.I ride with my helmet but have riden w/o.The BUSA is no joke so I always try to wear protective gear. :usa:
Well I will put in my voice on this one having gone down violently with hospitalization once and this last time as well. I always were it and the day I turfed the busa had on full leathers and a back protector. Not a scratch!! Great gear saves pain and lives. This dent in the helmet probably would have caused serious injury or death... Not the way to end a ride!!!

Marc "Howlin Mad"

PS. Do states with no helmet laws pay more for insurance?

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