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FNG in the house! Hey all - I am considering setting up a Busa as a full time sport tourer. Any comments or suggestions? I sure like the 99's (Copper) are there any clean ones out there?
Man, there are so many ways to make a busa more sport-touring oriented.

1). Get a corbin or suzuki gel-saddle
2). Get heli bars or gen-mar risers or Reapers risers
3). Get a pyramid or zero-gravity double bubble windshield, or zero gravity sport touring windshield
4). Get the Lockhart-Phillips adjustable foot pegs
5). Get a Throttlemeister throttle lock for those long drones on the freeway so you can take your right hand off the throttle once in a while.
6). Change the grips, there are literally thousands of different type grips out there.
7). Get a tank-bra to keep from scratching the tank.
8). Get either the Krauser hard luggage, or the Corbin beetle bags, depending on whether you want more storage or better looks. The corbins look better but only store about 20 liters per bag. The Krausers store about 60 liters per bag but don't look as form-fitted to the bike and they're not custom painted.

Hope that helps.
Yes Sir, First

1. Get your self a Zero Gravity (Sport Touring) windscreen. Better weather/wind protection than stock setup.
2. Then you will need the Heli-Bars or Glen-mar risers installed, more comfy riding position.
3. Now it’s the tough part - carrying luggage. About the only hard luggage available for the Busa are the beetle bags and I think they are limited in their carrying capacity. Although, a good tank bag will help and if running solo the Busa has nice attachments for carrying cargo (backpack) with bungee cords.

Due to the rear sub-frame breakage problems on the 99 and 00 models, Givi has discontinued mounts for their trunks or Panniers. The Busa is designed for aerodynamics, so carrying luggage can be a problem. Others on this board my be more help to you as I bailed from the Busa and got a FJR instead.

We recently had some threads on luggage. There are a lot of options, from hard to soft. I think it was Garnett who used those monster size bags. I now have the tiny Corbins. If you find that thread, you will get all the input you need on bags.


NO I don't have any info on the peg mod. Thats the only thing that drove me crazy on those 500 mile days - legs cramping on bike (34") inseam may be why?
Thanks for the info! It sure seems like a doable setup. Now..............the big step is to fing a Busa to start work on. Anyone got a lead on a "Copper" Busa, mint condition, only driven to church on Sundays by a little ole lady
Thanks for the welcome! Y'all do have a fine board and technical exchange going. I'll be hanging around and will try to contribute as I can. I've been riding for many years and kinda know my way around the race track and paddock. I've been riding Italian bikes for the past 6 years; however, I've owned numerous brands/configurations in the past. I hope everyone is blessed with a Good Year.........RIDE SAFE!
Yeah, I got the monster Krauser setup on my busa. I wouldn't be mounting any hard luggage to a 99-00 busa if it were me, unless you put on a 01-on steel subframe. You can get GIVI for the busa. But the rack will not be made by GIVI. THere are 2 options for mounting GIVI, 5 stars and SW MoTek. The 5-stars mount also adds a top rack for a top box, and the top rack is manditory for the install. The SW Moteck is a side case only install, and the side case MOUNTS are also quick release. They allow almost any GIVI case to be mounted. The Krausers can be side only or add the top rack option. I chose side rack only.

SW Motech racks at Riderhaus:
The site doesn't mention availability for the Busa, but they are available. You need to contact riderhaus directly for them.


I ordered my Krausers from and they are an excellent business. Cost was $519 delivered, and I got them in 3 weeks.

As stated above, the L-P Superpole pegs are great and relieve the knee cramping.

I wouldn't be mounting any hard luggage to a 99-00 busa if it were me, unless you put on a 01-on steel subframe.
Thanks for the great website leads! I didn't know the subframe issue was that common:( Is my 115# passenger going to be an issue too? I guess I better search the site archives and learn what I can. Thanks again!
Kerberos doesn't like it....I think the Ultimate Sleeper..Full Givi
with full the vette comes up from behind and makes the pass..has no clue..haha touring bike..
Let the fun begin..Bags empty ofcourse..
Cool setup Gararnet..I have the small givi bags now..with the top plate..for a huge bag when i finally get one..
I like the ST concept..and they can be unbolted when the time comes to play with Kerberos..
mostro I always thought DucatiHottie was a good handle for a female rider.[/QUOTE] On another Busa site, there is a female partner of a Busa rider. She calls herself DucHottie or something like that. Her and Kirk live in the Northwest.

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In July I completed 4200 miles on the Busa from Dallas to Key West. I spent as much as ten hours in the seat, and covered 700 miles in a day. I used the following:

1. Zero Gravity Double Bubble Smoke Sheild.
2. Gen Mar Riser, 1.25".
3. Passport 7500.
4. First Gear Magnetic Tank Bag, expandable to 12 liters.
5. First Gear duffle bag with built in bungi cords. Hooked to four posts on the busa very nicely.

This set up worked very well, and the magnetic bag did not slip even under high speed conditions.