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Along with my Busa I have a 19 Yamaha FJR1300A. It is a great bike. It has heated grips, cruise, electric windshield, side cases that fit full helmets, adjustable seat and bars.

I is very comfortable on long rides. Great wind protection. Part of the fairing will flip out some for more. It handles good and has a lot of power. I love it. It weighs 635lbs wet.

I got to thinking, depending on what you are after, the BMW R series bikes are pretty decent. I was amazed at how smooth and how much torque they have. To top it all off they really handle well.

If I was out shopping for a dedicated factory built sport tour machine, it would be between an FJR, Concours or BMW RT/RS


The BMW boxer twin based bikes are great bikes in almost all of their forms. The water heads even have respectable power (not sure what year they add water cooling). All BMWs are a unique riding experience. They are notorious top heavy bikes, with the flat twin being the lone exception. The duo-lever front end is a great touring suspension but lacks feel and is definitely different approach to handling. But these bikes are awesomely built and always have lots of cutting edge features and thoughtful details.
That being said, the BMWs are an absolute nightmare when they break. Super expensive to repair and at times hard to do by yourself. Same with the Ducs, when they run they run, but man when they break.....
Almost all the new bikes are like that...good when they are working but when they break, they cost a pile to fix.

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