Kawi Ninja H2 Sx...


Wow. They might be onto something. If Suzuki doesn't get this Gen 3 out on the street its going to be DOA!



It pains me to say it it but...... that's not a bad looking bike. Especially for a Cowasaki :D

If I ride by fast enough people might not even recognize it's a Ninja!!! :race:


I bet the heat off that thing will make it a winter bike. My bird with cats removed is the coolest temp bike I have owned next to a dr650. I can ride in 100 degrees. The zx11, zx12, Zrx all cooked me and Fjr 1300 was like riding in a oven


it is putting out 200 hp, which aint chit on a 1000 since most liter bikes put that out normally aspirated.

Better have a monster torque curve. Suzuki better step up for the 20th

After looking at the specs, a stock busa offers way more value for sport touring.. Going to be in the 20k range for sure. 101 foot pounds, yawn. I would stick with a modded 1340


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Everyone don’t forget those numbers are motor numbers not rear wheel.

Sadly I agree on some things but it’s like driving a classic muscle car its faster and cooler than than all the new poop but still missing all the bells and whistles.


Guys are forgetting it's 200hp restricted. The h2 with a flash is 225 at the wheels. Add exhaust and tune they are closer to 250 at the wheels (i think).


Guys are forgetting it's 200hp restricted. The h2 with a flash is 225 at the wheels. Add exhaust and tune they are closer to 250 at the wheels (i think).
From what i read is they up the rev limiter and with SC = more boosts. And looks like they explode easy also. Hopefully they fix that issue with this next gen motor.


Yea they aren't as reliable as the Busa with boost. Not sure what the difference is with the h2r vs h2 and why the r can handle the power longer without blowing.



2018 Kawasaki H2 SX


Yes, long distance is the H2 SX’s aim, but the object of attention is definitely on its supercharged heart. The motor is the very same as the 1,000cc Kawasaki-supercharged unit found in the H2 and H2R, however, it has been significantly revised and “tuned for torque” for the touring category.


2018 Kawasaki H2 SX


First, the supercharger impeller was completely redesigned, as was the intake system. The pistons, cylinder head, cylinder, crankshaft, and camshafts are new, throttle bodies are new, exhaust system is new, and gear ratios were revised. Other than the gear ratios, the six-speed, dog-ring transmission is the same as on the H2.

The result of these changes is an engine that Kawasaki claims is more street friendly, easier to ride, with more rewarding midrange torque and touring-friendly fuel economy, quieter intake sound, and heat management. Initial claims are the H2 SX fuel economy is on par with the Z1000SX and Versys 1000. With a larger 5-gallon fuel tank, the Ninja H2 SX gains improved interstate capabilities.

The electronics suite is a running list of Kawasaki’s best of the best. KTRC, Kawasaki's six-axis traction control system, as found in the ZX-10RR; KIBS, the company's intelligent ABS; engine-braking control; electronic cruise control; three power modes (Low, Middle, Full); KQS, a two-way quickshifter; and the party piece, the KLCM, a launch control mode.

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2018 Kawasaki H2 SX


The 43mm inverted fork is fully adjustable, as is the KYB monoshock. The shock does have a revised Uni-Trak linkage for more feedback when the bike is fully loaded in touring conditions. Brakes are 320mm brake discs, radial-mount front calipers, and a 250mm disc out back. They do not appear to be the Brembos found on the H2.

Additional changes over the H2 are specific for touring as well. The fairing retains the H2 character lines but is rounder, larger, and features a taller windscreen on the top-spec model. All the better to provide better aerodynamics and comfort at speed. The riding position is also slightly relaxed, and the seat is new and optimized for comfort. Although a bit nerdier than the H2, these changes are vital for touring comfort.

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2018 Kawasaki H2 SX


The final big changes are the revised rear trellis frame to support a passenger and the quick-release, twin 7-gallon accessory panniers. Weight with all of these touring changes only adds 19 pounds to the final weight of 495 pounds dry. Pricing has not been announced, but the H2 SX comes in two trims: base and SE guise.

Although the sharpest edges of the H2 have not remained for the H2 SX, its more well-rounded package and supercharged thump should make it appealing for the rider who wants bullet train thrust for their cross-country blitzes. To see how this lines up with the other mega-tourers will be an interesting review to watch.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our coverage of all the new motorcycles released at EICMA this year!
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