Respect from Harley Dude


Yesterday I was out for a ride and stopped at a light. About 9 Harley Dudes pulled up next to me and the lead guy complimented my bike. Usually I get no response from cruiser dudes, but this guy started asking all kinds of questions. I rode with them for about 20 miles. Cool!
I have a Road King and my thing has always been, any kind of bike is better than no bike at all.
I have a Road King and my thing has always been, any kind of bike is better than no bike at all.
I second that I'll0 wave at all riders, but most of the time the harley guys are to cool to wave back . Not all but most.
Most of the Harley guys are cool in MD.

Had an INTERESTING experience last Sunday. I past about nine Harleys going the other way... Each one waved real freindly like, then the last dude flipped me the bird. I almost shat myself I was laughing so hard! I wonder if they planned that?

I discovered that in my city, people on the SOUTH SIDE seem to have a 'tude and NEVER wave back - Harley OR Rocket!!!
What a crapper.
I owned a softail a few years back, and I always waved at everybody regardless of the bike they were on. I know why some Harley dudes don't wave or even worse flip you the bird. They are pissed off that they spent twice as much on a bike that does half as much. They bought an over priced, underpowered, non-handling, ultra vibrating, oil leaking, turd of a bike. They got a Ford for the price of a Ferrari and you got a Ferrari for the price of a Ford, and they're pissed about that. The vibrations numbing their nads doesn't help much either. All they can do is stick that finger in the air in disgust.
Y'all know that was just jokes. I certainly meant no disrespect to our fellow Harley owners. Most of my friends ride them and we are always going back and forth pickinig on each other. What I posted here was some of my defense for owning a Busa rather than a Harley.

Well I own both and wave to anyone who bothers to lift their hand in my direction. If a person is nice enough to wave, I figure why be an a-hole back to them.  

i wave to all bikers i meet and ride with two harley guys. Last time i rode with them, i went by 1 of them, he was going 104 (maxed) and i was going 150. He told me when we stopped that he might get a sport bike cause now the thrill of having a harley was gone. I know that the thrill of a busa will always be there because she is black and silver and fastest.
OK I have had a similar experiance.  If you get Harley folks that are actually into riding and not the whole "trendy BS Yuppie Status kinda rider" they are usually pretty cool.  They know they are looking at one of the fastest, most powerful bikes ever made and they appreciate it.

 (Quick Tirade) It's generaly the dipshit "Image" bikers that still believe the Harley is for Rebels, and are busy trying to look tough, or rebelious,  not realizing that Harley IS the establishments Rolex for the new age, these guys do not want to wave on the road or say howdy at a fuel stop. They see their young wives lustily staring at the "GO FAST" bike and it irritates the hell out of them.  I have also wondered if they are simply afraid to wave...afraid to take the ole hand off the bar?

 FLYBUSA,  I have a buddy down here with a real nice Dyna Lowrider, I did the same thing to him...He thought all of the Screaming Eagle parts he had spent about $6K on would help him in a 30-80 or 100 MPH roll on... I had tried to explain to him that they are bikes with different missions but he wasn't having it. We line up on an empty stretch of country road and roll on from about 30, I was in first and told him to go, when I hit the throttle I honestly thought he had stalled his bike or hit the brakes, it was as though he had stopped moving.  I just ran away from him...  We get back to his place after a short cruise and he mentioned that he might have to get one of those things, gesturing towards the Busa.  I think the ALL BLACK 2002 especially holds it's own in a Harley crowd, they know when they are looking at the Fastest Color.
I live in Destin, Florida and Thunder on the Beach is going on in Panama City this weekend so I have seen more Harleys on the road since Daytona. I wave to all bikers and this weekend only about half of the Harleys waved back. I definitely get a better response when I am on my VTX from the Harleys and always get the respect of the Sport bikes.
sorry if I sound like an a$$hol3, but who gives a sh*t if a harley rider gives me respect.

Maybe it's because of the attitude that most harley riders give me when I'm on my busa, or maybe it's the dirty looks I get walking into a bar when there is harley riders in there, but harley riders with their obnoxious attitudes really get on my nerves.

They give me this attitude for no reason at all, like I can't afford that vibrating, rattling, heavier than a cadillac no horsepower piece of sh*t they are riding.

Where I live, in Tampa, FL, most harley riders have a serious problem with sportbikes. They dont wave, they give nasty looks, and they make stupid comments.

Personally, I think harley guys should be asking respect from US!

I want to make a t-shirt that says "If my wife gained 200 pounds, and I bought some leather chaps, a leather vest, a american flag headband, bought a $5000 883 hugger and won a willie nelson look-a-like contest, could I ride with your pack? Would I cool then?"
Amen Brother Mike...

I just want a shirt that says,

"I bought a Bike, Not a Lifestyle"

Or maybe,

"My bike is actually more fun to ride than park in a parking lot"
A Harley dude asked me once why I didn't buy a "real" bike, so I told him "if I had the money to buy a Harley, I would buy two sportbikes instead."
Not that I have a problem with cruisers, I was just trying to make a point.
I've got full respect for harley, they were down in the dumps about 20 years ago. No one wanted their bikes, they company was in serious trouble. Hell it even got bought by brunswick or some other bowling ball company at one point!

Good for them, they turned it around and stayed in business.

It's their customers I dont like, with their fake attitudes and sh*t. wtf

Whatever, good luck paying off that $30,000 piece of sh*t over the next 8 years