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Hello. I'm 16 years old and I drive a 1993 Dodge Intrepid. Next February I'll be 17 and I'm soppose to be getting a car around $15K, but recently I started liking bikes. I talked to my dad about getting a motorcycle instead of a car and keeping my crappy Dodge to drive when I can't ride the bike, he said it was cool, he knows I'm responsible, and I won't drive like an idiot. he's been driving bikes before alot. I'm interested in hayabusa and I have never driven a bike before (only bicycle) If I got the hayabusa I wouldn't drive it like an idiot, drive CRAZY SUPER-FAST, take turns fast.. I would drive it normal... do you think it's a good choice for me? My dad says that a bike with 1300 CC is not a good choice for me because it's too heavy and hard to control, he says something around 600CC would be ok, I'm 6"5 175LBS and I THINK i could easily control it, it can't be that hard can it? So help me and tell me what you think? Is it a good choice for me since I never drove a bike, consider the fact that I won't try and do crazy stunts or drive crazy?? are any of you people who own it, was it the first bike you ever owned?

Thanx in advance..
I think that this is a put-on post. Come on, this sounds too much like the last 3. Fess up which one of you guys is pulling or leg.

If you are for real start with the 600cc or even a good 500cc bike. Most of us have started with something smaller at one time or another, including dirt bikes of some kind. A 600 will get you more than what you need for years.

Also take a safty course and many hours of practice.
I have NO idea what your talking about.... will somebody please help me
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If you read on my comments are still there.

If you are for real start with the 600cc or even a good 500cc bike. Most of us have started with something smaller at one time or another, including dirt bikes of some kind. A 600 will get you more than what you need for years. My first street bike was a 450 Honda, 500 triple k, 750, 900, 1000, 1100, 1300.
If you are really looking for advise, i hope you listen to what we have to say. :D :D
I think that this is a put-on post. Come on, this sounds too much like the last 3.  Fess up which one of you guys is pulling or leg.[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
sorry I just dont understand what you mean by that
I started out on the dirt and had a couple of dirt bikes.  I bought my frist street bike when I was 27.  It was a CBR 600.  An excellent first bike, it's fast, light and handles great.
 I don't think anyone will ever come out and say the the Busa is a good first bike, but some will say that only you can deceide if it is right for you.  As for the whole "I won't be stupid or ride like an idiot" thing I don't beleave it.  That is what I said and I will admit that I am a liar.  I don't think that I ride like an idiot but I been stupid more than once.  I have the xrays to prove it.  Two rods and seven screws later my leg is back together.  I broke it in four places when I hit a tree going way to fast.  
 I went riding with some friends one night after work.  Through the first curve I did alright, after the second curve they had pulled way ahead of me.  So I did like anyone would do, I down shifted and guned it.  O yeah I caught up to them alright, just in time to see them hit the third curve that I didn't know existed.  I lock up the rear brake only (use both brakes) and felt the rear tire starting to come out from under me.  All I could do at the point was get off the brakes aim for the opening in the guard rail and hold on for the ride.  As soon as I left the road everything went to a blur until I apparently went airborne.  Because all of a sudden I saw a pretty tree, followed by a bright flash.  Then I was looking at dirt.  I tried to roll over and couldn't. I had to grab my pants leg and lift my leg up so I could.  
  Two months of therapy, Three months out of work, Six months on crouches and a year of pain.  I would say that was stupid, maybe even idiototic.
The Busa is very fast and can get you into trouble even faster.  On the highway the throttle is just barely cracked and you will be doing 90 mph.  
  What ever you decide just take it easy and have fun.
  At 16 will you even be able to insure a bike like this? $$$$$$  For the cost you could probably buy a house.
MightyM, I won't sugar coat it, DON'T DO IT! Even if you're careful and don't do any crazy stuff, as a Dad to 18 year old son, I wouldn't want to see you get hurt. You won't mean to hit the throttle so hard and accelerate into the car in front of you. You won't mean to hit the brakes so hard, you didn't hit the car in front of you but the car behind you can't stop so fast. Kid, (no offense) I wouldn't want to go to the hospital and see my son there. Or worse. You're 16, you have lots of time, listen to your Dad. At the very least think of this, even if you don't get hurt, you may trash a $10,000 motorcycle. Get a 750 Katana or something like that and take a safety course (required by law in CA for anyone under 16) then practice practice practice. One, ok 2 more things, Insurance, can you even Get insured? and 2 I don't know of any salesmen who would even sell you the bike. I wouldn't.
Sorry, safety course required for anyone under 18 in CA
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Its funny, when I first joined up and was thinking about getting a busa, I posed a similar question (but I had a year under my belt and am 28).

I got kind of a cool response at first, but now I understand why. This question comes up ALOT doesn't it? We should have a FAQ like that one hayabusa web site has for 'The busa as a first bike'.
Hmmm.....I've been riding bikes for 30 years, and even with all this experience you can easily get caught out with something with much less power than the Busa.

If you are for real.....then I would'nt even think about a Busa till you've got a few years on lesser bikes...and MANY MANY thousands of miles...I'm afraid you're living in fantasy land at the moment, with the thought of riding the quickest bike on the road (from the crate).
I have about a year under my belt. A lot of people told me that my harley was way too big for me. I said no its not. So one day, no experience what so ever, I got on tryed to go down the side walk. I killed the thing about 15 times. Then probly by accident, It started to accelerate, i freaked out and the bike went down resting on the rear wheel and the crashbars, I had one foot on the ground and my other leg resting on the tail pipe, i still have the scar ( I was stupid enough to wear shorts, last time i make that mistake). See skin buring on a tailpipe is not a good feeling. I immediately had new respect for motorcycles.
I took an ABATE(MSF) course, to learn my stuff. Thew instructer was also nice enough to allow me to go thru the obstacle course, after i passed, on my harley. I killed the harley once, then i was off. I went through the course without a hitch. I usually ride through my neiborhood because its got quite a few twisty areas. I have learned what to do in bad situations, I.E. dealing with cagers.
My bike is a Sportster 1200 custom, with 1340cc's, 60hp, and 71 ft. lbs of torque @ 4000rpm. This is what i used to warm-up to a busa which has 1299ccs, ~160hp, and ~100ft lbs. of torque. my 1200 is about 1/3 of the busa.

Bottomline, you need experience, you don't know what its like until you do it yourself. I have had a change to try a busa. They are sensative, and are about the only bike i know of that will exceed the speedlimit in 1st gear. I am not even sure if  i am ready for a busa, and im positive you are not.
  At 16 will you even be able to insure a bike like this? $$$$$$  For the cost you could probably buy a house.[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
the insurence will be on my dads name... he doesn't have any tickets and he will put me on the list of bike drivers... and he also won't choose full coverage.. just that thing that pays for the persons car and ensures you... I also wont insure it for all seasons... not winter... I also plan on getting a hayabusa as my first bike... I won't be 16 the time I get it.. next february.. by the time I get it I will take classes and my dad will teach me...
:29:eehh...MightyM?...This is for you ,the 16 year old that wants a Busa and couldn't understand what 'ol Ninjaeater was refering to by thinking the post was "pulling our legs".I'll explain-see it's an incredible clichee and something all experienced and responsible big bore sportbikeriders fear....That someone like yourself ,no matter how pure your intentions ,would actually go out and buy a Hayabusa for their first MC.....Most of us would prefer you didn't -some of us would get downright upset if you did ,because statistically and logically you would end up in a wreck ....Think about that ...In a serious are dangerous and with no experience they can be downright deadly ....You shouldn't even think about a Busa at this point ....get a 600 ...or even a 1000.....(not the gsxr).....and rack up some miles ,get a track day or two in ...ride often and remember first and foremost object of motorcycling is in my opinion -DON'T CRASH ,DON'T DROP IT,BE SAFE AND IN CONTROL-AND MAKE THAT THE HABIT......then when you have learned how NOT to crash or drop your bike .....get what you want.......Ninja Eater simply thought someone waspretending to be 16 and trying to upset everyone by making us belive he was actually serious about getting a Busa -because chances are VERY good you would crash and .....get hurt and drive up insurance rates...and make the public hate sportbikes even more ,not to mention your'Ol Man and worst case scenario kiddo(sorry) :D YOU WOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO RIDE ANOTHER BIKE AGAIN -EVER.... I'm done ....
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Allright Son if you do stick to your guns and still get that bike you're obviously dreaming of -stay in touch with us and share your progress and don't ever be afraid to ask questions .....My final advice on top of all the other stupid s*** I've
said is -ride that machine A LOT....every chance you get ....because in order to stay alive and ride it well and pervail you must approach your learning period as you would training for a championship game or a heavyweight boxing match....leave nothing to chance and come out on top(DON'T CRASH AND DON'T DROP IT)
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about insurance, let me just let you konw what i would have to pay if i opted for full coverate....$9514 per year with progressive