Consindering to buy Hayabusa

Hello everyone!

I'm considering to buy Hayabusa for my next bike. Att the moment I'm riding with Yamaha YZF R6 and i would like to have a bike with some traveling features. I like to drive long day rides ->500km/day fast. I think that Hayabusa could be right bike for me or what do you think? Is there any year model with some troubles and what do I need to check when I start making a deal of used Hayabusa?


Buy the 98's they are the fastest!! all years are great bikes! they are comfortable and just a great bike to ride... Joking about the 98's... Welcome to the site!

You're on the right track for a great sport touring bike. If you must buy used, I can recommend the 2008's! There are many avaiable as used sales already. You'll get all the advantages of a the GenII without the new bike price.

Best of luck!


my 08 is awesome i have been from Los Angeles to New Mexico many times and it's a comfortable ride just don't lean down on your wrists too much.

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