Oil Change how often with Mobil 1 4T Synthetic?


Previous owner always run Honda GN4 Reg. Oil with Suzuki Filter and changed every 1000-1500 miles. That oil change with Filter was $30.00

I am going to run Mobil 1 with Wix filter and was wondering the interval?


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I think the maintenance schedule calls for 3500 miles on dino, I've always heard full synthetic doubles that. Your bike ; somewhere between 3500 and 7000 miles :laugh:

Do you ride easy and commute in light traffic or stay around 10K RPM s 90% of the time.


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Oil is cheap insurance is my mantra:thumbsup:
I change mine every 3-4k and use oem filter.

From my dunce stool :cookoo:


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once a year, usually around memorial day weekend. actually, both bikes and all cars are once a year (very, very rarely exceed 5,000 miles/year in anyone of them) :thumbsup:


I try to do mine every 5K. I use Amsoil SYN but am thinking about going to Mobil One. Either way I think every 5K will work


I just pulled the wix filter part number off the filter
Thread I assume it will thread right onto nipple! Lots of wise
Cracks in here but still not as bad as HD forum.


Actually mine wasn't a wisecrack. 250 miles is about 200 passes down the 1/4 mile including shutdown and return road.
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